Timestamp & protect with blockchain

Authtrail Verify module enables two level verification options depending on the customers requirements:
  • Essential verification using Authtrail timestamp.
  • Advanced verification using Authtrail blockchain seal.

To ensure authenticity and integrity of data and documentation and to protect it from unauthorized or unrecorded changes, every original data entry is protected with Authtrail Verify timestamp.

When a customer requests a view of data, Authtrail Verify checks if the data integrity is secured. If the verification status is confirmed all data has been successfully written and protected. If the status is compromised, Authtrail Verify warns that there is a mismatch between protected and original data.

With Authtrail it is all about transparency and trust, therefore we enable customers to double check the transaction status via an open and publicly available DLT registry and reverse verification.


No value is in the information if it cannot be trusted. Loss of trust hurts business partnership. Data integrity refers to the accuracy and consistency or validity of data throughout its lifecycle.


The main benefits:

  1. Right and on time decision making due to trusted data
  2. Increased transparency and clearer oversight across complete process
  3. Higher overall productivity and cost effectiveness 

Make the most of your data