Traceability paradox


The paradox

When ordering a 20 EUR consumer product online you can always choose parcel tracking. Within few clicks you get all the information about where the package is, and how long will it take to have it delivered.

What about when you are buying a new house for 150.000 EUR? Do you also have an option to check construction status with the same ease as you would check your parcel? In most cases not.


Nowadays most communication is still done through phone calls and emails. To get certain information you need to contact your project manager or person responsible for project execution. Which leads to lack of transparency, trust and is time-consuming for both parties.

Authtrail is a sense-maker in this paradox. It enables every stakeholder involved to get an instant insight in the project, so everyone can stay updated about the project status or recent changes. All that is achieved without a single email sent or phone call made. Transparency builds trust. We’ve got the tool.