The key to data integrity

AUT token unlocks the core Authtrail functions and adds value to enterprise data.

aut token

Authtrail’s native utility token

The AUT token powers the core data integrity functions on the Authtrail platform.




Moonbeam Network

Max supply

150,000,000 AUT


Fixed and deflationary

Token locking

50% per anchor ~ 2years*

Supply at genesis

Max 26,250,000 AUT*

Burn rate

25% per anchor

AUT token utility

Powering the Authtrail platform

The AUT token is used by enterprise users to purchase anchoring credits and execute data integrity functions.

It supports exponential market growth, as it incentivizes enterprises to invest in long-term data integrity.

Deflationary Model

Made for growth

The total supply will be reduced by burning the used AUT tokens, while the circulating supply will be reduced by locking the AUT tokens during the client’s retention period. The graph below takes into account the distribution of AUT tokens through vesting, as well as the circulating supply decreasing with time due to the burning and locking of AUT tokens.

Token allocation

Boosting the development

The raised funds will mostly power further product development while boosting the adoption of advanced Authtrail solutions.

A large share of AUT tokens is reserved for invitation-only Community round and Public sale.