Work smarter – not harder

Communication tool for busy people.

Share process insight in minutes, no back and forth messaging required.

1. Create project phases

Every project has different phases, insert those and continue with task creation for each of the phases.

2. Add tasks and items

Tasks & items will enable you to update your customers, collect their feedback and track decisions in the process.

3. Select what would you like to share

You’re always in control of what you want to share with customers, the share module provides you a clear overview of what is shared.

4. Preview the public explorer

Click the preview button to see what your customers will see, check if everything is in order for sharing.

5. Send a link to your customer

Provide your customer with one link to follow the project status and updates. Notification system will keep them updated in real-time.

Why Authtrail?

Because only trusted companies grow from vendors to preferred partners. Win new customers by letting them control the process.
Less emails & phone calls

Simplify your customer communication, focus on what’s important.

Centralised communication

One common location to search, view and verify information

Avoid disputes

It’s always clear who said what so the arguments disappear.

Control what you share

It’s you who decides what your customers can see.

Reminders & Notifications

Notifications on process changes and future actions

Documents in one place

File storage will keep all the documents accessible anytime.

Start with manual, continue with
automated data input.


Start with manual data input, it’s fast and easy. As the project count grows we suggest upgrading to automated data input.


Harness the real power of Authtrail by completely automating the data input. This is where the magic starts to happen.

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