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Authtrail Share modul is the access point for gathered and protected information companies would like to share. Sharing can be enabled to internal or external end customers, clients or partners to access, view, search and verify selected information. Company decides what to share and the level of rights.

Sharing of information is possible through several ways such as barcode or Qr labels, RFID or NFC tags, Public Explorer link or Rest API integration.

The Authtrail Share module offers a secure and monitored way of how information is presented to the customer without the worry of access rights or revealing business. All shared information is shared via a selective process done through the Dashboard. Several features can be added like:

  • Search to enable customer to search for particular information
  • Status information where customer is able to see and track the status of the order
  • Attach documentation with possibility to download or just show
  • Version history in order to see what was the previous version
  • Detailed information to provide more context to the information
  • Verification so customer can verify if the provided information is true and accurate
  • Level of protection of information for the viewers in order to separate public and private view

Authtrail Share is the entry point that can be totally branded in company colour with Addons like chat, comments and access points. To find out more on that, please contact us.


Searching for information eats 30% of time. It means that from 5 knowledge employees you pay 1 never show up for work. This is the equivalent to time being lost in finding and sharing the information to the customer. Sharing different types of data in different formats can be very time consuming, sometimes impossible and not secure.


Enabling customers to easily find information, access it and trust it brings not only transparency and trust to the relationship but increases overall productivity and enables a company to use the potential hidden in its data.

Make the most of your data