How much could average manufacturers save just by using data well?

Use case


To achieve and maintain growth, industrial serial manufacturers are often pressed to invest in new technologies, software, machines, and infrastructure, as well as additional workforce and their training.

But actually, they already have the most powerful resource at hand, they just don’t use it well. By storing and handling data in individual, siloed systems, they don’t tap into its fullest potential. Instead of looking outwards for ways to boost their business, a better organization of existing assets could produce the same value.


Operations are delayed, communication between departments and partners is time-consuming and doesn’t provide clear answers. This costs manufacturers time and resources because instead of using the information to solve issues and make better decisions, the management of data is often adding more stress to the process.


By addressing the structure, access, traceability, and shareability of all relevant in-house data, Authtrail provides a clear picture of internal and external processes. Manufacturers gain an understanding of the current state of products and processes, of hidden reserves and issues across divisions. From purchase department and production line to the sales team and logistics.

Key Benefits

Smart data management allows serial industrial manufacturers to allocate resources better, increase overall productivity, and land better partnership and business deals. Higher savings also include funds that would otherwise be invested in new equipment, software, and knowledge. This gives manufacturers more autonomy and control over their operations and reduces dependence on external providers.