Authtrail partners with SRIPTOP research and innovation organization


We are thrilled to partner with SRIPTOP Factory of the Future research and innovation organization. It enables us to connect with European organizations, partners and companies seeking innovation and development in the field of Smart Factory.

Industry 4.0, Smart Factory, Industry 5.0. are the terms we would like to address with the Authtrail solution and bring added value in the field of data management.

How can Authtrail help average manufacturer become Smart Factory?

Data is the new oil and in daily operations, smart companies, manufacturers, factories, and other digital-first organizations gather a massive amount of data. However, when lacking complete data oversight across all segments, they are losing on productivity, even revenue and profits. Data is scattered across multiple systems and silos, which makes it hard to locate specific information. Sales teams in particular have a difficult time gathering, organizing, and sharing data with clients and partners. Proving compliance could be a daunting and time-consuming task which could cost businesses some important deals but also incur avoidable penalties.

3 core steps to smart data management in a Smart Factory

There are three core steps in the process of Authtrail implementation into any existing system wanting to step into the Smart Factory concept:

  1. Data aggregation & organization
    Authtrail gathers all data and related documentation and links it all to a single, centralized, manageable location.
  2. Adding metadata & sealing of data entries
    Authtrail adds metadata to every data entry. Each data entry is then sealed with a data fingerprint (hash) based on the blockchain technology. This protects it from unauthorized edits and allows it to be checked for authenticity when needed.
  3. Timestamping & presentation on timeline
    Lastly, every data entry is time-stamped and organized on a chronological data registry, a part of a more extensive Authtrail dashboard. By selecting the relevant data, its owner can share it with customers, partners, or regulators, so they can easily yet effectively verify claims through facts.

Factories are as smart as the systems and data are inter-connected between each other.
Let’s connect and see how Authtrail can help you on Smart Factory endeavour.