GDPR compliancy failed with 58% of companies worldwide


According to New Talend Research, 58% of surveyed businesses worldwide failed to address requests made from individuals seeking to obtain a copy of their personal data as required by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) within the one-month time limit set out in the regulation.

When addressing this challenge, there is so much more to be asked:

  • How to tell what data was corrupted, when, how, and by whom it was corrupted?
  • How to centrally view and monitor audit trails from multiple sources (ex. ERP, CRM, CMS,…)?
  • How to share the view internally to employees or externally to authority in an easy, secured, and monitored way?
  • How to issue proof to its customers, employees, former employees, and regulators personal data have been deleted or to prove compliance?

Many companies are still employing manual system-by-system search and collection, and they are sending large volumes of irrelevant data into the legal review phase, which dramatically elevates their costs.

To answer all these authentic concerns, affected by so many companies worldwide, Authtrail has launched GDPR dedicated solution LogProof together with our partner Info-House. Legal expertise when addressing GDPR compliancy has been given by our partner Info-House, a leading legal (GDPR) company in the region to provide complete service-connected to security and management of personal data.

LogProof is built on the Authtrail scalable platform providing proof of data authenticity and allowing companies to share verified data with customers, employees, and authorities.

LogProof makes it easier to:

  • Proactively preserve and manage audit trails.
  • Search and find data from unstructured and semi-structured sources on demand through a centralized Dashboard.
  • Monitor overall data integrity through a centralized dashboard.
  • Share/Open selected data through Public Explorer access.

Why use it:

  • Comply with regulations since as a data controller, you must comply with GDPR – authentic audit trail is one of its demands. Prove your compliance to supervisory authorities, business partners, and clients at any given moment.
  • Control your processors by using a single dashboard your DPO or IT department can check how your processors comply with your agreement.
  • A simple interface is important since not all users can read complex audit trails. LogProof is so simple even a lawyer can check if audit trails are authentic or not.

See LogProof in a video:

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