Authtrail supporting data management in Iskratel 5G smart factory


Iskratel EMS, the leading European ICT provider for digital transformation of telecommunications, transport, public safety and energy industries, has set off to build the first 5G-powered smart factory infrastructure.

To reach this ambitious goal, multiple technology partner ecosystem have come together, including Authtrail. Our role in the project was to improve the production process with a trusted and clear traceability of data.

Why data matters?

As economies shift away from high-secrecy business strategies, transparency has proven to bring substantial benefits for everyone involved.

To guarantee the reliability and maintain the trust of customers and suppliers at every stage of the value chain, companies must provide (and prove) that products are safe and data records reliable.

Only by transparently sharing selected product data, in either open or private way, can manufacturers build long-term trust and quality partnerships with clients and regulators.

With the digitization of the customers’ value chain, smart companies, especially manufacturers, unlock an array of new possibilities for business optimization and growth.

Reliable data is a game-changer

Imagine a quality problem occurs at some point in the production line. To mitigate potential damage and avoid penalties, it’s in everyone’s interest to locate the root problem in the value chain as soon and as efficient as possible.

Swift action and aligned focus of various teams can prevent the worst-case scenario. By addressing the issues before they lead to damage, manufacturers can keep the cost of the production chain low, which gives everyone involved a chance to leverage a higher margin.

For data to be managed transparently and reliably, it should follow three core determinants:

  1. Sharing data among suppliers and customers becomes an integral part of the delivery process. It is also automated to the greatest extent possible.
  2. All parties can trust that the shared data is accurate and untampered (inadvertently or not).
  3. All the relevant data is accessed via open, standard APIs that support interconnectivity of internal systems at low overhead cost and high automation.

Authtrail for better data yield in smart factories

By collaborating with Iskratel EMS, Authtrail is bringing all the above features as an integral part of the Authtrail platform for data management and protection.

The way it works is it gathers product data and documentation from multiple sources, organizes and seals it to protect from unauthorized changes.

Every data entry is recorded and secured on an immutable and distributed ledger (blockchain) in a cost-effective manner. This way, data provides customers with a complete and real-time insight into production, compliance, and order history.

Successful proof of concept

Together with Iskratel EMS, we have built and showcased a successful proof of concept of ensuring data reliability and sharing it with interested parties to validate the origin of products and orders.

Via REST APIs, Iskratel EMS can now easily connect the data sourced from all the BI applications they currently use. This way, they can monitor the operations in real-time and react faster in case a quality problem occurs.

In parallel with other key business innovations of the digital era, such as 5G connectivity, IoT, and AI, Authtrail is bringing the main benefits of the distributed ledger technology to the Iskratel technology partnership and business development of their smart factory.