[Interview] Jaka Hrovat: How to leverage customer satisfaction


Jaka is a 3rd generation entrepreneur in the carpenter company – Mizarstvo Hrovat. Although wood manufacturing is a very traditional business, Jaka decided to combine it with his passion for the digital world and make a step towards digital transformation. The result is a company that has successfully fought the recent economic crisis and is still growing.

What is your role in the company?

When I arrived, the company was very small. In manufacturing companies you move slowly, it’s difficult to scale overnight because the margins are low and production cycles are long. But we were persistent, we grew 20% every year for the last 9 years. Looking back, I can say that this would not have been possible without nurturing the culture in the company and inspiring employees to pursue common goals.

One of your side projects is Treecelet, how did it come that?

In 2018, we made a big change, especially in our mindset. We looked for ways to become a carbon neutral company, and we found it! It is by planting trees – we plant as many trees as we cut down, and we also offset the release of CO2 into the air by planting trees. Shortly after, the Treecelet project was also born, which we see as the company’s long-term mission. For every bracelet we sell, we plant 3 trees.

How is customer satisfaction implemented with your company’s goals?

We know that our products are not cheap, and we are proud of that. This way we can guarantee our customers the best quality products. It is clear that we use good materials and that precise manufacturing is important to us. But we are not ashamed to say that we have to pay our workers. It’s the only way a company can build a team of capable people who value both the quality of the product and the quality of the user experience. Our customers respect that. We believe that it’s better to build on customer satisfaction with high quality than to attract a wide crowd with a low price and have only an average product.

How would you rate the importance of transparent communication compared to the other priorities?

10 out of 10

Where do you see a greater challenge, in communication within the company or externally with customers?

One of the five main values in the company is COOPERATION, which is the basis for good communication. We reinforce this value every day because we know that without communication there would be no CUBIE house, no web configurator, no Treecelet project and so on. Despite the current situation, we believe that in-person contact cannot be completely replaced by remote communication. The Corona crisis has accelerated online sales, which we are happy to see because we believe we are better prepared than our competitors.

What is your primary tool for communicating with clients?

  • Email

If you had to choose one method of communication, which would it be?

The one that allows for maximum efficiency. That, in turn, is a combination of several tools that complement each other. If we only used one, we wouldn’t exist today.

Author: Patrik Kogoj