“Before using Authtrail, it took hours to formulate a client response. Now, the data validation is done automatically and transparently.

Chief digital officer / IBO GmbH


IBO GmbH is a German company manufacturing rolling bearings for applications ranging from aerospace to robotic systems. The company’s quality management system is certified by EN9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 standards, and meets the requirements for aviation, space and defence organizations.

What do partners expect from IBO?

  • Product verification
  • End to end traceability
  • Exceptional product quality and performance
  • Product reliability and long life-cycle
  • Fast response times

Challenges that IBO faced:

  • No end to end process visibility
  • Manual search and share of production data was time consuming
  • No instant solution for partners to verify materials, components and tolerances
  • Lost documentation was causing delays through the process


End to end visibility

Clear end to end visibility and instant insight of the process with the access to relevant data and documentation.

Improve decision making with trusted and verified data.

Self verification

Customers can verify product origin, ownership and authenticity without direct interaction with the company.

Internal or external partners can now monitor the process, updates and status of the value chain.

One access point

Search, view and verify product data and documentation from any location through one single platform.

Control what you want to share, for how long and who you want to share with.


Product verification process was reduced by 35%
Increased productivity by min 25%
Customer confidence when purchasing IBO products via a reseller or third party
Reduced time to market by 83%
Self verification of receipt of products by the end customer
Instant insight of the product journey

Get all the information you need in one place

“Before using Authtrail, it took two or three people and a number of hours to formulate a response to client queries. Now, the data validation is done automatically and transparently, which is very positive for our customers. It’s also helpful internally – you have all the information you need in one place and don’t need to click around endlessly to get the big picture.”

Chief digital officer / IBO GmbH

End to end process visibility from one spot for you or your customers.

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