How it works

A complete big picture

Authtrail is the most complete and thorough link between company data and customer. It serves as a data aggregator, filter, authenticator and organizer, all in one.

What you get is a clear, shareable overview and complete understanding of your processes – from supply and production to sales and compliance.

Why data authenticity matters?

When it comes to data, it’s not about how much you have, but how well does it serve you. If your data can’t be proven authentic to your clients or regulators, it’s valueless.

Data aggregation? Easy.

Manufacturers usually have their data and documentation scattered across multiple data silos, such as ERP, CRM, DMS, SQL, machine data repositories, etc.
Authtrail connects to various systems, gathers data and documentation, and links it all to a single manageable location.
This boosts transparency, productivity, and reliability of your everyday operations.

Data management? Transparent.

Authtrail works with all kinds of data: business data, machine data, production line data, structured and unstructured data in a variety of formats.
With Authtrail, all your data and documentation remains where it is, and nothing leaves your in-house systems. Instead, Authtrail creates data relations and records indexes of your data and documentation.

Data authenticity? Proven.

Once indexed, the data entries are sealed with a data fingerprint, organized on a timestamped data registry, and ready to be shared and inspected via a link or QR code.

Thanks to the blockchain technology, a tamper-proof way of recording and storing data, your data fingerprints are protected from unauthorized edits and can be proven authentic when needed.
Authtrail thus works as a middle layer that adds meaning to your data and builds its integrity.

Powerful dashboard

Search, view and verify data, and monitor access in just a few clicks. Share data instantly and easily with your customers, suppliers or auditors via the Authtrail Public Explorer or REST APIs.
Coming soon: custom reporting, business intelligence, and other apps for optimal data experience.

Make the most of your data