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This site, like many others, uses small files of letters and numbers, called cookies, to help us customize your experience and to enhance the website’s performance and functionality.

Find out more about what cookies are, which cookies are used on, how you can control them and how you can switch certain types of cookies off. If it doesn’t provide the information you were looking for or if you have any further questions about the use of cookies on, please email us at

What are cookies and how do we use them?

Cookies are small text files that are stored by the browser on your computer or mobile device. They allow websites to store data such as user preferences. By placing cookies in the browser, we provide website and service functionality and recognize you when you visit our site again and respond appropriately. With cookies, we can also increase the level of personalization and enhance interactive functionality. Some cookies only remain on your device as long as you keep your browser (session) active, while others remain on your device for a longer period of time (permanent/persistent).
We use different types of cookies: session cookies, permanent or persistent cookies, first-party and third-party cookies. Session cookies are stored in the browser’s memory temporarily and are deleted when you close your browser. Permanent cookies have a longer lifespan (lifespan of 1 minute to 2 years) and are automatically deleted after the pre-specified period. These cookies are, for example, used for saving your login data.
Cookies that are used for various researches on the user’s behavior can be used by us directly (first-party cookies) or by our business partners (third-party cookies). For a much more detailed description of cookies and a list of them, see the cookie list below. uses cookies for different purposes

  • Technical cookies are used to show you our website and to make it function correctly, etc. These cookies are strictly necessary for our website to function properly.
  • Performance cookies are used for three different purposes:
    1. Functionality cookies are used to remember your preferences (for example, your language) and are not strictly necessary for a website to work, but they enhance your experience on
    2. Analytical cookies are used to collect insight into the way users interact with our website. With these cookies, we can optimize and improve the website, also ensuring it stays interesting and relevant.
    3. Advertising cookies are used by Kalmia or our partners for displaying personalized advertisements tailored to your interests on various websites (also called third-party cookies) and sharing content from our website on social media.

Which cookies are used on

How to reject/manage cookies on

You can set your cookies preferences and reject or accept cookies on using the cookie settings. If you reject the use of some of our cookies services that they provide won’t be used.

In case you want to completely reject some or all of our cookies, you can adjust your browser settings. You can follow the links below to learn how to change your browser settings in:

You can also opt out of Google Analytics tracking using a browser add-on or browse our site using the browser’s incognito mode.