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digital product passport case study


IBO GmbH is a technologically advanced German manufacturer of rolling bearing solutions for highly dynamic movements, precise positioning and complex environmental conditions. Their core skills are flexibility, technology competence and maximum fit to specific customer requirements.

The company’s quality management system complies with various standards, including EN9100:2018 and ISO 9001:2015, and meets the requirements of the aerospace and defense organizations with which they work. Product quality and inspection are crucial for the company’s business growth, and high traceability throughout the supply chain separates its products from those of its competitors.


One challenge that IBO generally faces is the traceability and verification of manufactured products sourced from customers who are not in direct contact with the company. This may be through a reseller or the customer’s own supply chain. Since these products are not sourced directly from IBO, the company has been looking for a solution that allows customers direct access to manufacturing and quality documents to verify the product without the need for direct contact.

Despite efforts to achieve a high level of automation in the industry, there is currently no streamlined solution for the end customer to verify manufacturing materials, components and tolerances. Typically, documents are stored in data silos that are proprietary to the company and not accessible to external parties. Finding, organizing, and sharing of data and documentation is a difficult and time-consuming process.

Digital Product Passport

To address these issues, we have introduced a digital product passport. Now every IBO product has a QR code tag that contains all the information about the materials used, the technical characteristics and the product origin. Without the need for direct customer interaction.

The data is verified using blockchain technology and provides an unbiased single source of truth about the product to all stakeholders along the value chain.

The Authtrail solution involved setting up three modules – Automatic Data Input, Control Module and Digital Product Passport. This gave IBO complete end-to-end visibility of their product production cycle and the ability to share relevant information about each of the products with their customers.

The digital product passport provides better information along the value chain, easier material verification and proof of origin.

Key Benefits

  • Better information distribution along the value chain
  • Blockchain provides unbiased data
  • Product data validation by the end customer
  • Traceability of decommissioned products
  • Customer confidence when purchasing IBO products via a reseller or third party
  • Customer confidence in the origin of an IBO product
  • Shortening the product verification process from hours to minutes


Steven Pannell

Chief Digital Officer

Before using Authtrail, it took two or three people and a number of hours of their time to formulate a response to client queries. Now, the validation of data is done automatically and transparently, which is very positive for our customers. It’s also helpful internally – you have all the information you need in one place and don’t need to click around endlessly to get the big picture.

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