Build trust with data integrity


We believe that keeping your word is the most important part of a good relationship. Authtrail provides the means to ensure data integrity and prove it to your business partners, customers or third party auditors.

Should you use blockchain?

Yes, but with some considerations.

As it shows, traditional blockchain networks are too expensive and too slow for the purpose of storing large amounts of data. Another issue is that blockchain is still too complex for an average person to understand and handle.

It would take you ~23 days and cost you 40.000€ if you wanted to store 1 million data entries on the Ethereum network.

Authtrail’s cloud solution increases performance and decreases the cost

Authtrail is a middle layer (think of it as a highly scalable data cache) between your data sources and blockchain. It is deployed in a cloud, stores incoming data into an internal ledger, and periodically anchors their fingerprints to the blockchain in order to assure immutability – faster & cheaper. On top of all, Authtrail offers an easy to use dashboard that provides tools to verify data integrity by customers or third-party auditors.

Handling 1 million data entries with Authtrail? It would cost you 50€ and take you ~3 minutes!

Do you have your own database and want to prove its integrity?

Great! All you need to do is integrate your system with Authtrail. Send your data hashes (not raw data) to the platform and we’ll take care of all the rest. Hashes will be stored and anchored to the selected blockchain in order to assure immutability. Use our dashboard in order to verify the integrity of your database with a click and share results to your customers or to external auditors.

Would you like to offer your customers access to your business data sources?

Connect your data sources to the Authtrail service interface (REST API) and we’ll take it from thereon. All your data will be stored inside our database, hashed, and anchored to the blockchain so you can always prove its integrity. You can view your data from the dashboard or connect your own application. Additionally, you can offer your customers limited access to your data with Authtrail Public Explorer and empower them to validate it online.