“The future is bright.” CEO Matjaž Sobočan on what’s next for Authtrail

After closing a $3.6M Strategic round of funding, we are ready to scale the growth.

Authtrail is thrilled to announce the closing of a USD 3.6 million Strategic round of funding that will help the team to spearhead the next stages of product development and business growth, aiming to establish itself as a household name for enterprise data integrity on a global scale. Backed by several Angels and multiple VCs, Authtrail will help companies leverage higher quality data, equipped with integrity, as they implement blockchain technology into daily operations seamlessly and at a low cost.

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Authtrail to date

The momentum behind the adoption of blockchain technology continues to grow – every stage of development takes us closer to the decentralized future, to Gavin Woods’s vision of “more truth”, and transparent activity on all fronts.


At Authtrail, we believe that the future of decentralization and the blockchain ecosystem is heavily connected to their acceptance at the global enterprise level. And we are proud to add our share with the successful implementation of our platform in various enterprise systems, adding value to data they generate and exchange on a daily basis.


Authtrail is one of the few projects in the Web3 ecosystem providing the assets and tools that seamlessly upgrade the old economy with blockchain-based daily business operations. It ensures data integrity and transparency throughout the processes – inward and outward.


But what makes it even more valuable? The Authtrail platform is a market-ready product that can change business dealings from day one with its integrity-by-design. In simple terms, it tackles enterprises’ complex data integrity issues and adds value to data in every business interaction for all stakeholders involved. And once fully integrated with the Moonbeam network, it will bring Moonbeam’s features to the doorsteps of the global enterprise world.

Authtrail is a great example of leveraging open Web3 technologies to solve real-world problems for regular users. We are delighted to support the team at Authtrail in bringing Moonbeam as a solution to challenges in enterprise environments.

Derek Yoo, CEO of PureStake and Founder of the Moonbeam project

A solid foundation for continuing growth

Our journey so far has sparked the interest of notable investors, leading to $3.6M raised in the Strategic Round of funding. We are certain Authtrail is set to disrupt the way industries have been dealing with and valuing digitized data because it provides enormous value for its users. And this is exactly what brings the appeal of our product to the investor community.


With the backing of our strategic investors, we intend to strengthen the business and technological development of Authtrail and to drive the mass enterprise adoption of blockchain technology. To boost the latter, Authtrail LaunchHub will financially support the community of prominent developers, startups, and entrepreneurs building new tools and plug-ins for the Authtrail platform and this way, expand the potential of the data integrity market.

Following (and leading) market growth

Looking ahead, I can safely say that most digitized businesses and organizations will soon recognize the infinite potential of quality data for their business. Our goal is to come right to their doorstep and offer a reliable way to verify the exchanged information and establish trust among every stakeholder. We are confident that the Authtrail platform has all the means necessary to come out on top and set the benchmark for future blockchain-based projects, disrupting enterprise data operations and upgrading them to the Web3 level.


As we gain traction in the first few industry verticals and pour our efforts into strengthening the business development, we plan to rapidly expand and conquer the biggest enterprise players in various sectors. In the following months, we will focus on building Authtrail’s brand awareness. This will help us position ourselves as a go-to solution for data integrity and become a model for enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.


As announced in our first AMA, we intend to engage even more with the growing Authtrail community, offering early supporters a seat at our table in the invitation-only Community round of funding (all details yet to be announced). Please add your e-mail to the list on the link below and be the first to receive all the important updates, including the time and date of the exclusive Community round.


Join us in building the future with Authtrail – the next-gen enterprise data integrity solution.


Grateful for the growth so far and looking eagerly into what the new year will bring, I wish everyone a very happy holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous 2022!


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