Recap of AMA #2: Ask Matjaž Anything

On Thursday, June 23, Authtrail held one of its most popular community events, a live AMA, where our CEO Matjaž Sobočan revealed the company’s future path.

As a token of our appreciation for Authtrail’s most early supporters and followers, we prepared a cozy gathering live on Telegram where Matjaž Sobočan, Authtrail’s CEO, explained the new direction and vision of Authtrail before the big reveal happening later this week at the Polkadot Decoded event.


The live Q&A session was held in Authtrail’s official Telegram group, hosted and moderated by Patrik Kogoj, Product Marketing Specialist at Authtrail.


You can find answers to the most popular questions below. In case you missed the AMA you will be able to hear the announcement about Authtrail’s enhanced platform live at the Polkadot Decoded event by tuning into his live presentation on June 29 at 16:10 CET. The event is free of charge through online attendance.

AMA recap

Here are a few of the most burning questions from the last Q&A session that Matjaž answered. 

When will the token generation event (TGE) take place?

Matjaž: Based on the new expanded vision and the current market conditions, we decided we’re going to move the token generation event most likely to next year. I hope the community will not be upset about that, but we simply don’t want to put a token out there just to make everybody happy. We want a healthy and green market once we start with the TGE.


In addition, with the new platform’s expansion, we are also adding the utility to the token itself. It’s not going to be only data integrity as a service but a marketplace as a service – like what AWS offers for Web2 builders. We will be working on adding more utility to the token itself, so this also needs some time because of all of the different verticals with various use cases. The token will still be used as a credit which you would use for various purposes on the platform, but the details are yet to be discussed and disclosed.

We had a community around in mid-April, and some tokens were left unsold – what will happen to those tokens?

Matjaž: Those tokens will be used for staking – that would be the best way of giving back to the community. We’re still finalizing the fine print of how the staking will look like – the duration, the pool, etc.

Authtrail’s team is growing pretty fast – what’s next for Authtrail short term?

Matjaž: We wanted to focus on having one person dedicated exclusively to the platform’s development. We’ve hired a chief product officer (CPO) who is joining the team in July. He is a very tech-savvy guy with experience from a well-known company in the crypto space. We’re looking forward to having him on board to embrace the ownership of the project, write the wireframe, and take care of everything else regarding the platform so that it will be built into a developer-oriented platform.

More AMAs are yet to come – connecting to Authtrail’s loyal community has always been our top priority. To see where Authtrail’s path is heading next, follow our official Twitter profile and never miss out on an update.

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