Recap: Authtrail unveils its new direction at Polkadot Decoded

Matjaž Sobočan, Authtrail CEO, presented the new vision and an updated role within the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Authtrail team just returned from Berlin, the live Polkadot Decoded 2022, organized by the Web3 Foundation. Besides the four venues scattered around the globe, the conference kept an online presence, connecting an even wider audience of developers, blockchain professionals, and Web3 enthusiasts.


The knowledge transfer at the event was very diverse and imminent. However, the main thread of most talks proved a general point – that the Web3 building realm needs a hand in elevating blockchain adoption to a higher level, making it more accessible and user-ready among developers.


There is a need for faster and more efficient toolboxes to empower developers in building the Web3 future. Authtrail is definitely on the right track by developing a managed services platform for Web3 building, as we heard from the greatest players in the Polkadot ecosystem.

In the limelight

Matjaž Sobočan, Authtrail CEO, talked about our enhanced mission and company vision, the general road ahead, and touched base on more specific plans for Authtrail’s product – a unified platform for Polkadot’s technology stack. Check out the complete video of Matjaž’s talk and see photos from his appearance on stage here below.

Matjaž Sobočan, CEO at Authtrail as a speaker at Polkadot Decoded
Matjaž Sobočan, CEO at Authtrail as a speaker at Polkadot Decoded

Meeting with the most prominent

With Authtrail in the spotlight, joining other Web3 players on the stage in Berlin, the executive team of Authtrail worked hard and gained promising partnerships, essential for the venture’s future success.


The event offered top-notch networking opportunities. Socializing with other noticeable players in the Polkadot ecosystem like Acala, Astar Network, Crust Network, and Phala Network proved fruitful for the Authtrail team. More news about the collaborations with parachains will be coming soon.

Björn Wagner, Co-founder and COO at Parity Technologies as a Keynote speaker at Polkadot Decoded
Matjaž Sobočan, CEO at Authtrail, Nino Kutnjak, CPO at Authtrail and Ludwig Trappe, European ambassador at Crust Network

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