Meet Authtrail Executive Team

The Authtrail team is led by experienced professionals that aim to solidify our presence among the blockchain and enterprise communities.

No matter how great the product and how visionary the idea, it takes people to put it into practice and establish its value on the market.


Authtrail has grown from the idea of serving enterprises with an advanced and scalable blockchain-based data integrity solution. For the last couple of years, a devoted development team has been perfecting the product and its functionalities. But lately, based on the interest we have received from our clients and the increasing market potential, we’ve decided to take it a step further.


Set off to become a go-to solution for enterprise-level data integrity, the Authtrail team has expanded and solidified its plans for growth and evolution.


Meet C-level executives at the helm of the business, technology, and marketing divisions at Authtrail.

Matjaž Sobočan, Chief Executive Officer

Matjaž is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in various IT roles. Before stepping up to become Authtrail’s CEO, he held different senior positions at large enterprises, such as Fujitsu and Commvault, where he gained a deep understanding of the value of data.


This, combined with his passion for blockchain, will lead the Authtrail venture under his watch, rooted in the founders’ extensive experience in the IT sector and acute interest in distributed business models.

In every technology breakthrough, only a few notable products managed to deliver much-needed solutions to the market. Authtrail is one of the rare projects in the blockchain space that can bridge the old economy with Web 3.0 and take data management to a whole new level. For us, it’s all about creating simpler solutions for complex problems and delivering tangible results for our customers.


Tadej Vengust, Chief Technology Officer

Before setting off to build Authtrail, Tadej has honed his product development and management skills as the Head of blockchain development at Kalmia, an established provider of web, mobile, and blockchain solutions.


To date, he has contributed invaluable technical knowledge and powerful code in many projects, including 0xcert, Genobank, SwapMarket, and collaborated with several open-source programs, mainly in the NFT, cryptography, and data management space.

Blockchain technology will transform many segments as it scales and grows beyond serving only several niche markets. With Authtrail, we push the pace of expansion by providing hands-on solutions for enterprises from an array of industries, tackling real-life business and operational issues that hamper their productivity and profitability.


Domen Uršič, Chief Marketing Officer

Domen is a public relations and marketing expert involved with blockchain-based projects since early 2016. Before co-founding Authtrail, he’s been working with global businesses and brands, such as Uber and European Commission.

While the buzz surrounding the blockchain ecosystem is growing every day, I believe the projects that bring added value to the enterprise-level economy will have the largest long-term impact. Authtrail brings the most thriving blockchain in the Web3 ecosystem to the doorsteps of global enterprises, boosting the global adoption of this technology in the process.


Making it work

With a strong focus on our Roadmap goals, the whole Authtrail team is devoted to developing the much-needed data integrity solutions while solidifying our position within the blockchain community and among enterprise users in the real economy.


Follow our work on our official Telegram and other channels.

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