Meet Authtrail Advisory Board

The Authtrail Advisory Board will help the Executive Team enhance their skills and accountability with their invaluable experience.

Every great executive team, no matter how seasoned, can profit from external support and informed guidance to further grow their business and keep on the envisioned track. Authtrail Executive Team is proud to be surrounded by advisors who have first-hand experience with blockchain communities, innovative technologies and business growth.


Authtrail Advisory Board is made up of top specialists and thought-leaders who possess sharp business acumen. Sharing their value-driven insights allows the Executive team to test their strategic thinking and further explore new business opportunities.

Klemen Peternel

Klemen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kalmia, a software development company focused on SaaS technologies. In the past, Klemen co-founded a number of startups where he gained invaluable experience in building new digital products. Today, he helps managers from various industries to speed up their innovation and stay competitive with digitization.

In a world where the truth could be so easily manipulated, the Authtrail team has succeeded in combining the immutability of blockchain with the focus on understanding the importance of flawless data. It’s one of the rare projects where blockchain technology is brought directly to the doorstep of enterprises. This is why I strongly believe that Authtrail will bring a new fresh view to the domain of data integrity by combining state-of-the-art technologies with deep expertise on the topic.


Jure Soklič

Jure is a serial entrepreneur, CEO, and investor. His skills as the Co-Founder of Zyzmo, Founder of Genie Yachting, and Founder of Hiveterminal are paired with a strong belief in the decentralized economy and bottom-up approach.

The auditing services markets are lacking a transparent, independent software integrity provider – with Authtrail harnessing blockchain’s most powerful features in that sense I was immediately convinced it has the right traction. I am proud to support and help the team as I know they will be able to deliver the product to a myriad of industries that value transparency beyond the level of qualitative audit.


Andrey Vyshlov

Andrey is an angel VC investor with a crypto focus, passionate about technology. He is an established IT professional, spending more than 20 years gaining skills and experience in multinational companies Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Symantec and Commvault. Currently, he is also engaged in coaching and mentoring companies to help them find their new wave of growth.

I see Authtrail knocking on doors of multiple markets: the data market – currently the biggest and ever-growing, the blockchain market – despite being already developed it still keeps the flavor of anticipating the shape our future, and the market of “trust” – with everything around us going digital we need to find ways to prove things and to trust them.


Luka Pušnik

Luka is the Founder and CEO of Seltivity, a company that offers unconventional approaches to sales development. With more than two decades worth of corporate background in the Tech industry he is a highly skilled business and sales strategy development specialist.

Finally! Something simple and powerful!

Authtrail addresses an enormous amount of data integrity challenges that are ever-growing exponentially. With an innovative approach and clarity, Authtrail brings peace of mind through the blockchain world so that anyone can utilize the benefits without being a blockchain expert.


Joined forces

It is an honor that proven experts believe in what we are doing and are willing to back us on our venture. With a strong focus on our Roadmap goals, the whole Authtrail team will continue to develop the much-needed data integrity solutions while solidifying the position within the blockchain community and among enterprise users in the real economy.


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