Limited slots for Community round announced

We’re excited to announce the details of Authtrail’s exclusive, invitation-only Community round of funding.

In this round, we’re giving a seat at the table to our extraordinary Authtrail community and supporters that have been with us since the early days.


Here’s everything you should know.

Community round details

The Community round is designed to fit in as many slots as possible so that as many community members can join in.

In total, 30,000,000 AUT tokens will be allocated, in a total value of USD 6 million.


The Community round will be split in two phases:

  • Phase 1 – the Community Firstcomers:
    • Allocation guaranteed for the first 1,000 backers
    • Minimum contribution: 1,000 USD
    • Maximum contribution: 5,000 USD
  • Phase 2 – First-Come-First-Serve:
    • Remaining unclaimed slots
    • Minimum contribution: 1,000 USD
    • Maximum contribution: 50,000 USD




Whitelisted Authtrail community members

Token price:


Tokens allocated:

30,000,000 AUT (20% of the total token supply)


12-month vesting schedule, 3-month cliff, equal vesting from months 4 – 12

Accepted tokens:



TBA, estimated for Q1/Q2


To participate in either parts of the Community round, you must be whitelisted first.

How to whitelist?

If you are a member of the Authtrail community, you can now add your name to the Whitelist. Until the date of the Community round is announced, all the details will be sent through Authtrail’s official email communication.


You can whitelist here.


Please provide all the necessary information, personal details (first name, last name, e-mail, country*), enter the approximate amount of your contribution in USDC, and add your Telegram or Twitter handle so we know you’re a member of the Authtrail community.


Once your application is verified, you will receive a confirmation email.

* Please note that residents or citizens of a country in the laws which prohibit or conflict with the holding, sale, or trading of tokens are unfortunately not eligible to participate. Such countries include (without limitation): United States of America (including Territories and possessions, any state of the US, and Washington D.C.), Canada, People’s Republic of China, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Cuba, Syria, Iran, Sudan, People’s Republic of Crimea Region of Ukraine, Singapore.

Why join?

In the Community round, we’re allocating AUT tokens to our most loyal backers as a reward for their trust in what Authtrail has been building since its early days.


A fixed number of tokens will be sold at a fixed price of 0.2 USD/AUT on a “first-come-first-served” basis until all tokens are allocated.


Later on in the Public Crowdsale, the price of the AUT token will be substantially higher, twice as high, to be exact, at 0.4 USD/AUT, and only 10% of all AUT tokens will be allocated.


The Community round is therefore an ideal opportunity to get a seat at the Authtrail table before the wider public wants to, as well.

AUT, a token made for growth

The AUT token was designed to support the data integrity functions on the Authtrail platform and its value reflects the platform’s adoption in real life.


The locking and burning mechanisms burn 25% of anchor credits and lock 50% of tokens for up to 24 months. With this deflationary model, the more AUT tokens are used by Authtrail end-users in everyday operations, the smaller the remaining AUT supply, and the higher the value of AUT token.


We’ve only just begun

The Community round is just another milestone as Authtrail continues to establish a good rapport with other projects and campaigns in the Web3 network. The funds raised in all stages of funding will support Authtrail in expanding the local network of enterprise users and leaving a strong impact in the data integrity sphere.


Apart from business development, Authtrail will focus on perfecting the product and its technical features. We aim to partake in the expansion of the data integrity market by supporting visionary developers, startups, and entrepreneurs building new tools and solutions in the soon-to-launch Authtrail LaunchHub. See full Roadmap here.


And, to boost the value of the AUT token, we’re in talks with one of the Tier 1 exchanges about the possible IEO in Q2/Q3. Stay tuned and follow our official channels to learn about it first.

Join the Community Round

Be among the first to support the future of data integrity and get AUT token earlier than everyone else.

Whitelist now, spread the word and wait for more details coming your way!



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