KILT & Authtrail Roundtable recap: Web3 path to enterprise adoption

We sat down with industry leaders driving real-world blockchain adoption and innovation to discuss Web3 potential across industries.

The future of blockchain adoption in the enterprise sphere is right before the big takeoff.


Authtrail and KILT Protocol have partnered up to introduce the key actors in the Polkadot ecosystem that drive real-world blockchain adoption and innovation. Authtrail’s CEO Matjaž Sobočan was joined by Ingo Rübe, founder of KILT Protocol and CEO of BOTLabs GmbH, and Derek Yoo, the CEO & Founder of Moonbeam Network to discuss the Web3 adoption in the enterprise environment.

Effective partnerships drive innovation

All three guests have an extensive background in the enterprise sphere, and have built their blockchain-based ventures based on what they discovered could take the business processes to another level.


A path towards a clear product-market fit is an uphill battle, especially when building a Web3-based approach to doing business in the data management field of the old economy. But blockchain technology can be used to enhance transparency and re-establish trust between the enterprises and their stakeholders.


Here are a few snippets of the roundtable discussion on how Web3 startups can come closer to working with enterprise-level companies.


 The bigger the company you are approaching, the longer it would take for them to make a decision about using your product. You have to learn to accept to pick up the people exactly where they are – if they think blockchain equals bitcoin, you cannot rush things, go slow. You have to build up the trust gradually. It helps if your product is not disruptive to what they already have in terms of processes but that it is able to make a substantial impact. Ingo Rübe, KILT Protocol


On the opportunities’ side, a lot of IT companies are struggling with recruiting talented engineers – it’s a really tough sell because they could be working for a Web3-native companies which is much more exciting. From a recruitment perspective – having blockchain technologies and initiatives underway could pose a big draw to get talented people on board. Derek Yoo, Moonbeam Network


With Authtrail, we wanted to get through the roadblock, to create a bridge as a small first step into blockchains, taking the best of both worlds and start showcasing that to the enterprise customers and then they can start building on top of it on their own. It has to be a smooth and painless process for them to get there. And that is why for Authtrail, the Moonbeam Network was a no-brainer since it’s highly governed and enterprise-ready network. Matjaž Sobočan, Authtrail


The Polkadot ecosystem ties together all the different verticals and communities, giving the projects a common denominator to continue in the same direction – to accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology in the spheres that haven’t yet recognized its full potential.


Listen to the whole conversation at the roundtable at the link below.

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