Keeping the vision, refining the Authtrail brand’s look and feel

New year, new opportunities - presenting Authtrail's refurbished website and freshly polished brand identity.

It was an exciting and fruitful year for Authtrail and we are extremely proud of the work we’ve done and the path we’ve walked. Working tirelessly to offer the solution to data integrity challenges across multiple industries and verticals, steadily going global, is not an easy task.


The Authtrail brand has proven to be an indispensable factor throughout this journey, and more – in the search for a genuine connection with our audiences. Our aim is to successfully translate the value of our product into the Authtrail brand and communicate that value further to our customers.


And to properly do so, we’ve decided to spruce up the Authtrail brand by polishing the look and feel by upgrading the established graphics and adding new elements. We wanted the brand identity to be even more reflective of our mission – to pave the way for blockchain adoption in the enterprise sphere globally.

Keeping what works and fine-tuning it

Making a good first impression is as important as having a great product. The Authtrail logo has been a great point of identification from the early days. Ever wondered what does it stand for?


The core pillar of our work is writing information on the blockchain or, in other words, making the information immutable and traceable by anchoring it on the DLT. Once anchored, it can’t be edited or deleted, and can selectively give external partakers the option of verifying its veracity. In a simple, transparent, and trustworthy way.


In that sentiment, we’ve found the perfect analogy to communicate our core message (data integrity) through “setting data in stone”. The Authtrail brand image is a stylized version of a hammer hitting the chisel, representing the information being carved into stone.


Pouring the core message to the audience

The core element of our trade is working with data. Data is making bigger and bigger waves in the business world, truly being the lifeblood of the digital economy. Its movement and fluidity through the companies’ operations comes full circle: while it provides value to every step in the process, in time it becomes a more and more valuable asset by itself, enriching the processes once again from beginning to end, etc.


The water flow is a great parallel to the many forms of data businesses deal with. The liquidity and elusiveness of data on one hand, and its power and influence – when structured – on the other. The steps in data processing can be envisioned with a metaphor: tributaries symbolize accumulating data to the databases (suggesting lakes), dams working as firewalls, restricting and regulating the data inflow, and so on.

In the spirit of the upcoming activities

As far as our refurbished website goes – we’ve set out to combine our “something old” and “something new” and we are excited to say that we have succeeded at capturing Authrail’s essence and our vision. The new design is much cleaner, allowing us a more thoughtful and precise positioning of the essential messages we want to pass along.




Besides the new graphic elements, our website has also expanded content-wise. For the first time, we are releasing a more detailed visual representation of token allocation and the token circulation graph.



Soon we are officially announcing Authtrail’s highly anticipated Community round! We are keeping in mind all the initial support we have been getting from the early supporters and backers of the Authtrail community. Feel free to check another new addition of the webpage – the Community round subpage and join the whitelist.


Deep-dive into the product

As we’re trying to convey the simplicity and user-friendliness of the platform, we’ve now put it into practice through the user experience design.

The Authtrail platform now has a much sleeker and polished look, making the workflow even smoother. A new color palette of graphs and charts on the Authtrail Dashboard upgrades the user experience, but also simplifies dealing with transactions and keeping them in the loop. Authtrail Demo and Authtrail Validator


Designing the future

From the start of our venture, we’ve been working closely with Jure Sobočan, who assumed the role of a lead designer at Authtrail. Jure is a senior graphic designer based in Slovenia, specializing in UX and UI design.


He has honed his skills and expertise throughout a number of blockchain-related projects: he designed the corporate identity for Bitstamp, one of the first and largest cryptocurrency exchanges, he created the Hiveterminal brand and corporate identity and established the core design team at Eligma, a cryptocurrency-based platform. We‘re happy to cooperate with Jure as his skills reflect his vast knowledge and sense for combining technology and art to communicate ideas through digital designs.


We appreciate your opinion!


Go and explore the new website and share the news! We would also be glad to receive any feedback – join our Telegram channel and tell us what you think about it.



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