How to overcome potential obstacles to contribution

For smooth sailing in the Community round, it's important to identify what's preventing you from taking the next step and know how to act on it.

For the Authtrail Community round, we did our best to ensure a seamless process for every backer, regardless of their experience and contribution.


Depending on some external factors, such as Internet connection, KYC verification, etc., some unexpected issues, glitches, or errors could always occur and prevent you from finishing what you started.


With the following troubleshooting tips, we try to help you navigate through some of the possible obstacles and guide you to the finish line.


Basic guidelines


What if you get stuck?

You have everything ready and do everything by the book, but you still encounter some issues along the way.


It’s important to identify what’s preventing you from taking the next step and then act on it.


So, what to do if you…


…Didn’t whitelist on time?

The whitelist for the Community round is already closed. We’re sorry, but only whitelisted community members are eligible to join and participate.


…Can’t pass KYC?

The KYC process on the Authtrail Community round dashboard is supported by SumSub, a third-party KYC provider. Please note that it’s beyond Authtrail’s ability to perform or approve KYC checks, and we can’t offer you much support when it comes to verifying your identity and provided data.


If you encounter troubles during the KYC process or you get stuck in a specific step, check the following:


  • No progress: If it’s taking a while to complete a single KYC step and move forward to the next one, check your connection. Also, try going back in the browser or reloading the page (Ctrl+R or +R).
  • Data: Make sure that the data you input (first and last name) matches the data on the identity document you provide, otherwise, your KYC submission could get declined.
  • Selfie: If your selfie capture is not accepted, try posing in front of a white/bright background to enhance clarity. If you have done so (several times), but the platform keeps asking you to take a selfie again, go back one step in your browser or reload the page (Ctrl+R or +R).
  • Confirmation email: If you don’t receive an e-mail informing you of your KYC status (passed successfully, declined, or re-submission needed), please let us know at or our Telegram channel, and we’ll look into it to the best of our abilities.


…Can’t connect your MetaMask wallet?

The only way to contribute in the Authtrail Community round is through the MetaMask wallet. You should have already provided your MetaMask wallet address on whitelist.


If you can’t connect with MetaMask on the Authtrail Community round dashboard:


  • Sometimes, MetaMask suffers from a glitch that prevents it from connecting with the website with a click, even though it’s running on the right network (Ethereum Mainnet). Try reloading the website with the reload button in your browser, or, even better, by pressing Ctrl+R or +R.



  • Check the blockchain network you’re connected to. If the dashboard shows the Invalid Chain error, you’re most likely connected to a wrong network, such as Moonbeam, Binance Smart Chain Mainnet, or other. To join the Community round, you should be connected to the Ethereum Mainnet network. Change it at the top of the MetaMask pop-up window or click the Switch Chain button.



…Can’t perform or complete a transaction?

Every transaction is completed only once it’s registered as such on the network. Upon completing your contribution, you should see it listed at the bottom of the Authtrail Community round dashboard.



The purple arrow button on the right leads to Etherscan where you can check your transaction status.



Please keep in mind that it could take a while for a transaction to be executed and confirmed, especially if the network gets clogged at times of high traffic.


If your transaction is not confirmed in a while, it could be that:


  • Your connection is unstable and/or your MetaMask is not connected to the Ethereum Mainnet network – see how to switch to the right network above.
  • You tried to contribute with currencies or tokens other than USDC or USDT. Please avoid transacting any other cryptocurrency, as they could be permanently lost since Authtrail’s wallet address only accepts contributions in USDC or USDT.
  • You tried to contribute less or more funds than limited by contribution phases. You can contribute a minimum of 1,000 USD and a max of 5,000 USD in Phase 1 and a minimum of 1,000 USD and a max of 50,000 USD in Phase 2. Transactions below or above these limits will be declined.
  • You don’t have sufficient ETH funds to cover transaction fees, leaving your transaction stuck in the process and unfinished. You should have enough ETH to cover transaction fees in MetaMask.
  • The network is too busy and the whole process takes longer than usual. Try coming back in a few minutes and refreshing the page with Ctrl+R or +R.


We’ll help if we can

Before going all in, we highly advise you to check our step-by-step guide to Authtrail Community round, which takes you through the contribution process from start to finish and shows you all you need to complete it successfully.


Also, you should check some tips on how to avoid scams and join Community round safely, with funds and personal data protected from scammers.


If you, however, do get stuck in the process and have questions beyond the issues covered in our guides, please get in touch with us at and on our Telegram channel. We’ll do our best to help you get through all the required steps so you can successfully participate in the Authtrail Community round.


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