How to avoid scams and join Community round safely

While Authtrail provides the underlying system security of the Community round process, it's up to every contributor to recognize and avoid scams.

The Authtrail Community round is just around the corner and so are some shady scammers trying to take advantage of our supporters.


While Authtrail provides the underlying system security of the Community round process, only you are responsible for your actions and due diligence. No technical security measure can replace personal vigilance and awareness.


Here is how you can avoid scams and make sure your contribution reaches the right address.


For more details on the step-by-step contribution process, follow our comprehensive guide here.


General guidelines

  • The only sources for the Authtrail community round are Authtrail’s official website ( and the Authtrail Community round dashboard (
  • Authtrail Community round will take place in two phases – Phase 1 on April 12, and Phase 2 on April 14, 2022, both starting at 2 PM UTC.
  • Contributions will be enabled on the Authtrail Community round dashboard through MetaMask. No contribution address will ever be communicated directly via e-mail, Telegram channels, or social media.
  • Always check the website URL: it should be marked with a lock, start with “https://”, and be written correctly: “a-u-t-h-t-r-a-i-l”.
  • NO AUT tokens are available yet. Anyone offering you AUT tokens in any way is a scam. Please report the sender and delete the contact.
  • NO bonuses are offered. If you get an email or direct message offering higher allocation or bonuses in AUT tokens, report the sender as spam and delete the contact.
  • Always double-, even triple-check every action or entry. No admin will ever DM you first, ask for funds or add you to any group without permission. If you get a direct message from someone impersonating Authtrail team members, report them and delete the contact.


Examples of scam

Here are some cases of scammers trying to get unsuspicious members of our community to fall for their tricks and part with their assets.


Check them carefully and recognize suspicious activities so you can avoid the traps if they find their way to you. The safety of your data and assets is key.


1. Fake emails

We only send e-mails from,, and, and only to users who submitted their e-mail address on whitelist.



???? Red flags:

  • Direct wallet address. Authtrail e-mails never contain contribution wallet addresses and never ask you to do a direct transfer of funds. You can only contribute through the Community round dashboard.
  • FOMO triggers. There is NO early access to the Community round apart from the two phases listed above.
  • Unofficial e-mail address/domains. Sender details, such as domain, can be misspelled (e.g.,, so make sure you double-check.


2. Fake Telegram admins

If you get contacted by an unknown Telegram user sharing Authtrail Community round information, always check their User Info. Click on the contact’s name and check their Telegram username (begins with @).


Authtrail’s only official Telegram admins are:

  • David | Authtrail (@Rodl12)
  • Tadej (@momannnnn)
  • Matjaz (@matjazsobocan)
  • Patrik Kogoj (@patrizio_bnp)
  • Domen Ursic (@ursicdomen)



???? Red flags:

  • Wrong admin username. Please check the list of official admins above.
  • Wrong spelling. “Authrail” without “t” (that’s a common one) and other variations.
  • Direct reach-out. Our Telegram admins NEVER contact you first.


3. Fake Telegram groups

Our only official Telegram groups are “Authtrail (Official)” (@Authtrail) and “Authtrail Announcements” (@AuthtrailAnnouncements).


???? Red flags:

  • Wrong group names. Any groups with a name different than the official ones above are fake, such as @AuthtrailChat. Stay away.
  • You were added to the group. We NEVER add people to the group ourselves.


Avoid being added to fake groups without your approval or awareness. Go to Telegram settings > “Privacy and Security” > “Groups & Channels” > and change who can add you to groups and channels to “My Contacts”.


4. Fake Twitter profiles

Always check Twitter profile name and handle (begins with @) and account activity. The official Authtrail Twitter account is Authtrail (@authtrail) and, as of the date of writing, has over 31k followers.



???? Red flags:

  • Wrong profile username. Our only official Twitter profile is @authtrail.
  • Wrong spelling. “Authrail” without “t” (that’s a common one) and/or other variations.
  • Suspicious appearance. Low account activity, irrelevant posts, or a low number of followers.


5. Fake contribution addresses and forms

The only way to participate and contribute in the Authtrail community round is through the official dashboard. No other way. No Google Forms, no direct wallet transfers, no “congratulations, you’ve gained early access”-type of traps.



???? Red flags:

  • Direct contribution wallet address. We never ask you to send any funds directly to any wallet address, not even the smallest amount.
  • Unauthorized entry points. Authtrail does not run nor manage Google Forms or any other way where users could partake in the Community round. Entry points such as this are fake and a scam, stay away.
  • Jumping the line. Before making a contribution, you should whitelist and pass a KYC check first – no way around it. Only whitelisted and verified contacts are allowed to join the Community round.


Safety first, contribution second

Always double-check every step and do not rush into anything. The timeslots for contribution are long enough for you to finish the process without pressure.


But most importantly, DO NOT SEND any contributions to any address outside the Authtrail Community round dashboard and MetaMask, otherwise, you risk losing your funds permanently.


We’re doing our best to protect you from scam attempts, but we can only do so with your support. Please report any suspicious messages to our official Telegram admins (see the list above).


Follow the instructions in our step-by-step guide to Community round and stay safu!


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