How to use Authtrail Demo to add and check data integrity

Test advanced functionalities of adding data integrity and its verification on the blockchain in just a few steps.

Welcome to Authtrail Demo, a one-stop solution for adding and verifying data integrity.


The user interface is very straightforward and requires no prior knowledge of data hashing, anchoring, or any of that blockchain jazz.


In just a few steps, you can try the main Authtrail features that enhance enterprise data integrity and enable better business opportunities for Authtrail users and their customers.

First, what does Authtrail Demo do?

Authtrail provides an end-to-end solution for adding and verifying enterprise data integrity. While the complete set of Authtrail Platform Beta functionalities is available to clients only, this simple and straightforward Demo lets anyone try its two main features:

  1. Adding integrity to enterprise data by hashing and anchoring it onto the blockchain network.
  2. Verifying enterprise data against the records on the blockchain and gaining insight into transaction details.


This way, you can test Authtrail from the perspective of an enterprise client (adding integrity and protecting data) as well as that of an end-user, business partner, client, or regulator that wants to inspect and verify the integrity and accuracy of your data.


The Authtrail Demo code is open-source and freely available on GitHub.

Step 1: Choose the data you want to equip with integrity

You can use any data, either business-related or a dummy data entry or document just for the purpose of testing the Authtrail Demo.


Authtrail accepts all types of data, from text files to image, pdf, and other formats.

Step 2: Add integrity

If you haven’t already, go to and click the Add integrity button that takes you to the beginning of the process.



Now comes the adding data part.


First, enter a unique tag that represents your data entry. Typically, data entries are equipped with unique tags in local databases, so you can simply use that. Or, you can let Authtrail generate a random tag for you – for that, click Generate random tag.


Once the data is hashed, the tag will be used to locate the linked data entry and check its authenticity. So make sure you save or remember it for the data verification step.



Next, choose the data you’d like to protect with added integrity. In the lower field, add the document, image, text, or raw data that you want to hash and anchor on the blockchain.

If you’re worried about submitting sensitive data, please note that no data used on either the Authtrail Demo or the Authtrail Dashboard is ever stored or managed by Authtrail itself. The data is merely hashed and sent to the Authtrail platform for anchoring on the blockchain.

Now, click the Add integrity to your data button, and you’re all set. In this step, the data is hashed and ready to be anchored to the blockchain. Anchoring occurs once per hour.


Shortly after, you should get the confirmation that integrity of the chosen data is guaranteed.


The transaction metadata includes ID, your unique tag (that can be copied for your convenience), as well as the hash string.



You can either choose to download that information in a .txt format and save it locally or continue adding integrity to more data.


From here, you can move to the final step – confirm data integrity by checking whether the data entry has indeed been hashed and anchored on the blockchain.


Step 3: Verify your data

This step is quite similar to the one before, but this time, we will access the blockchain from the other side – by checking the data against the records on the blockchain network.


Again, enter the unique tag you used in the Add integrity step and the data entry you’re going to verify.



A simple click on the Check data integrity button will provide more details about the status of the inspected data.


If you used the same unique tag and data entry you successfully anchored in the previous step, you should get the following confirmation message.



You can see the transaction details on the Moonbeam blockchain network where all Authtrail data anchoring occurs. For that, simply click the Transaction ID that appears in bold.



Moonbeam gives you exact details of the transaction, including the confirmation of transaction success.


This proves that the data entry has been successfully anchored to the blockchain. From this point, its integrity is guaranteed since the data cannot be altered or compromised retroactively.


You can also do a manual check by using the transaction information, such as the hash, anchor data, and blocks, obtained through the View details for manual check button on Authtrail Demo. Copy the chosen information, and click Verify data on Moonbeam.



On Moonbeam, enter the copied hash or block details into the search field.



Again, if your data has been successfully anchored to the blockchain, the confirmation details should appear among transaction details, the same as before.


That’s it. In just a few steps, you have managed to protect your data and check its integrity on the blockchain network with Authtrail Demo.

What about more complex data?

The Authtrail Demo provides advanced yet straightforward functionalities of adding data integrity and its verification on the blockchain. It allows you to protect and verify individual data entries without connection to other data strings.


The Authtrail Platform Beta, however, provides the same service combined with more complex data management. For example, you can customize fields and add metadata, such as user/author of data entry, serial number, client, product line, etc. Also, you can add updated versions to data entries that have already been protected with integrity. This is possible through the advanced data mapping and processing logic of Authtrail.


If you’re interested in features that go beyond the Authtrail Demo, drop us a line, and we’ll be happy to discuss customized options of Authtrail Dashboard to bring your enterprise data to another level and enhance your business integrity.

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