Greetings from ParisDotComm

Authtrail gained new recognition by doubled stage presence while getting inspired by potential DotSama collaborations and education possibilities, which will prompt the future of Web3.

Warm summer days delivered a hot DotSama event, the first ParisDotComm conference. As a sequel to a successful AmsterDOT event, the growing French Polkadot community held lectures and workshops in France’s capital from July 19 to 21.


A union of Polkadot and Kusama communities offered an excellent overview of the ecosystem’s projects, progress, and upcoming collaborations. Based on the presented topics, Polkadot keeps solidifying its role in building the future of Web3 but will only live up to its potential by being adopted by the masses.

Authtrail connecting the dots

Authtrail’s recognition in the Web3 world is reaching new heights, as our team had the opportunity to take the stage at ParisDotComm twice.


Joining an inspiring speaker line-up of Phala, Moonbeam, Parity, Astar, and the Web3 Foundation, Authtrail CEO Matjaž Sobočan presented Authtrail’s journey to building managed services for Web3 developers. In case you missed it, his presentation is available here.

Talking about Authtrail’s paramount work on bringing Web3 closer to developers, Matjaž addressed an acute problem. Web2 presents a cozy, well-known working environment for builders while mastering the new programming fundamentals and blockchain logic sounds uninvitingly complex. Only by minimizing blockchain abstraction and technical entry barriers will the ecosystem prompt Web2 developers to onboard Web3 solutions.

Authtrail will play a massive role in this switch, providing builders with a complete Web3 toolbox and empowering them to effortlessly build in Web3 without needing to upgrade beyond the standard set of web development skills.

Awaiting widespread adoption

On the conference’s last day, Authtrail CMO Domen Ursic participated in a high-profile panel organized by Polkadot and Phala, with speakers from ComposableFin, Centrifuge, and Supercolony discussing ways to reach mass adoption. The recording of the discussion is available here.

Panel participants agreed on the burning need to speed up Polkadot’s adoption and reach new mainstream users. Building a more interconnected community goes a long way, but further education is crucial in order to bring more people into this ecosystem. To truly approximate Web3 to a broader audience, new cooperation efforts must arise among parachains and the blockchain world.

Stronger together

Polkadot’s and Kusama’s most notable projects were beaming in the event’s spotlight, offering new momentum and a feeling of collectiveness. Connections among parachain teams are the way to propel advancement, opening new horizons and possibilities, both in terms of development and usability.

Witnessing the encouraging growth, Authtrail is even more excited to spearhead the ecosystem development as a Web3 gateway.


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