Authtrail supported Iskratel’s 5G smart factory infrastructure with data integrity

From easy gathering of data to real-time monitoring of operations, Authtrail helps smart factories perform better at a lower cost.

Iskratel EMS, a member of the S&T Group and the leading European ICT enabler of the digital transformation in telecommunication, transport, public safety, and energy industries, has developed a 5G-powered smart factory infrastructure.


To secure the trust of customers, suppliers, and auditors at every stage of the value chain, the clients of Iskratel EMS needed a way to prove their products were safe and that shared data records were reliable.


Trusted and traceable data was, therefore, a prerequisite for end-to-end improvement of smart factories’ production and sales processes.

Problem: Difficulty locating root problems in the value chain

Even in smart factories where the risk of human error is lessened, unforeseen problems can occur at any point in the production line. Iskratel EMS had issues ensuring end-to-end quality as they lacked traceability of used components.


Reliable tracking of errors from start to finish would help them locate a missing, weakened or damaged component used in the production of printed circuits.


Ideally, the tracking would lead to the producer of such compromised parts. And to mitigate potential damage and avoid penalties, it was imperative that the root issue or glitch was located (and addressed) as soon and as efficiently as possible.


Management of development and production data should thus follow three main prerequisites:

  1. Sharing data among suppliers and customers should be an integral part of the sales and delivery process in the most automated way possible.
  2. All parties should be able to trust that shared data is accurate and untampered (inadvertently or not).
  3. All relevant data should be accessible via open, standard APIs that support the automatic interconnectivity of internal systems at a low overhead cost.

Solution: Complete and real-time insight into production and compliance data

Within the 5G smart factory infrastructure of Iskratel EMS, the Authtrail platform supports all the above features to promote trusted data management and consultation.


It gathers product data and documentation from multiple sources and hashes it to protect entries from unauthorized changes.


Every data entry is recorded and secured on blockchain in bundles for higher price performance and increased scalability. During the examination, such data provides users and readers with a chronological and verified insight into production, compliance, and sales details.

Impact: Smart factories increasing productivity and profits with trusted data

With the digitization of value chains, smart companies and manufacturers are unlocking an array of new possibilities for work optimization and business growth.


As they locate and address the issues before they lead to damage, manufacturers can rein in the costs of maintenance, production, and distribution, giving all stakeholders a chance to leverage higher margins and expand their investment budget to improve operational efficiency.


Via Authtrail REST APIs, the Iskratel EMS smart factory infrastructure can easily gather data from all BI applications currently in use. For their clients, this means real-time monitoring of operations and a shorter reaction time to prevent or mitigate potential damage and penalties.

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