Authtrail helped AVL go from eroded data to enhanced trust and better partnerships

Thanks to higher transparency of data history and its end-to-end integrity, AVL managed to lock in significant business gains.

The automotive industry is extremely demanding when it comes to the quality of components and reliability of suppliers. Austrian AVL is the world’s leading developer of powertrain and ADAS/AD (Advanced Driver Assistance System/Autonomous Driving) systems that rely substantially on data intelligence. Dealing with verified and highly secure data is therefore crucial for their growth and presence in the field.

Problem: Unreliable data led to complaints and losses

Before implementing the Authtrail data integrity system, AVL lacked the means to prove that their testing, engineering, and product development data was reliable and trustworthy. The data was sourced from a hodgepodge of paper-based and digital files in no actual order, let alone a mechanism to prove its authenticity and veracity. Manual data search and transferring responsibility from one to another led to unnecessary chaos and distress for team members.


But the consequences of unorderly and unreliable data split even beyond the internal workload. After facing the costs of complaints stemming from wrong and/or bad product data, the AVL clients insisted that the company share the losses and take responsibility for it.

Solution: Central point for end-to-end verified data

To achieve structure and integrity, the AVL data management required a two-fold approach.


First, the data was gathered on an internal, centralized Authtrail platform so that every stakeholder gained access to relevant data in a readable format. On the one hand, this enhanced internal processes within the AVL team, and on the other, it allowed them to quickly source and share data with partners and other involved parties.


Second, on the integrity front, the Authtrail platform secured the validity of all aggregated data entries and documentation through permanent fingerprints using blockchain technology. Each data entry also came with a timestamp and version history and was added on a timeline for a more transparent overview of the product development and sales history.


Through REST API integration, AVL can now share their verified data with clients and partners, invite them to browse, and, most importantly, demonstrate the validity and accuracy of information to avoid unnecessary legal and financial consequences.

Impact: Integrity beyond data

AVL has managed to lock in some significant business gains thanks to better organization, higher transparency of data history, and its end-to-end integrity.


Internal processes have become smoother, faster, and with less toll on employees, while the company has improved client relationships and secured better deals.

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