Authtrail to integrate with Moonbeam Network

By bringing enterprise-level clients to the Moonbeam ecosystem, we'll boost adoption of blockchain technology in the real economy.

It’s official! Authtrail has joined the Moonbeam ecosystem and will use it as the primary network to power the Authtrail Platform Beta.


As Authtrail brings global enterprise-level clients to the Moonbeam ecosystem, we anticipate faster adoption of blockchain technology through its use in the real economy.


We are beyond excited to have become a member of this inspiring and expanding crowd of visionary blockchain builders.

A network built with users in mind

The Moonbeam Network is an Ethereum-compatible smart contract platform on Polkadot developed by PureStake. According to Moonbeam Founder Derek Yoo, the team identified the need for an accessible smart contract parachain while they were engaging with Polkadot’s emerging ecosystem a couple of years ago.


They were right. Since its inception in April 2020, Moonbeam’s smart contract functionalities have attracted 60+ projects to join the Polkadot ecosystem, with more joining every week.


The reasons for that are many, but two features stand out the most and were a deal-maker for Authtrail, too. First, thanks to Moonbeam’s high scalability, projects can grow with their user base and expand their services without breaking the bank. And second, due to its interoperability, they become more flexible and responsive to market needs.


Besides, Moonbeam’s unmatched Ethereum compatibility provides the broadest developer tool support and integrations (oracles, etc.), extensive Solidity/Vyper support, and shared account structure with Ethereum.

Moonbeam is the complete Ethereum-compatible smart contract parachain on Polkadot. Designed to create the optimal developer experience, Moonbeam simplifies the deployment process for projects with existing Ethereum smart contracts by maximizing compatibility at every step of the way. In addition to basic EVM compatibility, the Moonbeam platform sports a series of Web3 RPCs, precompiles, and Ethereum-style addresses/signatures that have made it the most popular destination for developers building on Polkadot. Currently in active development by PureStake, Moonbeam is expected to reach MainNet by Q4 2021. Learn more:

Today, Moonbeam-based projects cover segments from DeFi and exchanges to NFTs. We’re proud to be able to add our share to the ecosystem with Authtrail’s data management infrastructure.

“Web3 DApps and technologies can, at times, be insular and targeted exclusively to a blockchain native in-crowd. Authtrail is a great example of leveraging open Web3 technologies to solve real-world problems for regular users. We are delighted to support the team at Authtrail in bringing Moonbeam as a solution to challenges in enterprise environments.”

Derek Yoo, Founder, Moonbeam

Building on Moonbeam is a no-brainer

When deciding on the blockchain network to support the Authtrail Platform functionalities, we were looking for stability, adaptability, and affordability to boost the global adoption of this technology in large organizations.

“The need to serve enterprise customers with advanced data integrity service made us switch to the Polkadot ecosystem, a more future-ready and sustainable network given its variety of dynamic development options. Moonbeam stood out as the perfect choice, thanks to its EVM compatibility and a very responsive development team, making our transition from Ethereum swift and seamless.”

Tadej Vengust, CTO, Authtrail

Through Authtrail, serving as a bridge between enterprises and blockchain technology, users will be able to access the advanced data management features of the Moonbeam network. To date, several companies have recognized Authtrail’s potential for managing their data, particularly in the automotive, manufacturing, and telecommunication industries. In the following weeks, more businesses will follow suit and harness the power of data integrity on the Moonbeam network through Authtrail.

“With Moonbeam, we’ll be able to adapt to client needs and create custom solutions for problems in the real economy. And we’ll do it while keeping the platform secure, affordable, and easy to use. Thanks to Moonbeam, Authtrail’s data integrity solution will be multi-dimensional. It will solve complex enterprise data problems in a simple, reliable, and user-friendly way.”

Matjaž Sobočan, CEO, Authtrail

Exponential growth ahead

With Moonbeam, we’re not only leveraging their advanced development functionalities.


We’re just as eager to learn, share and collaborate with other members of this fast-expanding ecosystem. Many among Moonbeam-based projects have an extreme potential to dominate their respective markets in the following years. And Authtrail is committed to contributing to the common future of blockchain-powered service for all.


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