Authtrail on the stage of Polkadot Decoded in Berlin

Authtrail will premiere the new direction at the grandest of Web3 stages, right at the heart of the Polkadot ecosystem.

Authtrail’s core team is coming to Berlin to participate in one of the most prominent blockchain-themed events in the world. The third edition of Polkadot Decoded 2022, organized by the Web3 Foundation, will be a hybrid mix of online and in-person events in New York, Berlin, Hangzhou, and Buenos Aires, turning them into Web3 capitals for two days, with the side of countless community-led events worldwide.

Sharing the stage with the greatest

Polkadot Decoded will feature over 85 innovators from the Polkadot ecosystem exploring the hottest topics in blockchain, ranging from parachains to DeFi, NFTs, IoT, identity, privacy, and more.


Authtrail’s CEO, Matjaž Sobočan, is among the speakers chosen by the blockchain community and jury, presenting live on June 29 at 4:10 pm CEST. Joining keynotes from ecosystem pioneers Gavin Wood and Robert Habermeier from Parity Technologies, Derek Yoo from Moonbeam, and Ingo Rübe from KILT Protocol, Matjaž will speak about Authtrail’s renewed vision and direction, cementing Authtrail as a go-to place for Web3 builders.


Invitation to such a notable event comes as another proof that Authtrail is on the right track, developing next-gen Web3 solutions among the upcoming projects of the Polkadot ecosystem.


All talks from official locations will be live-streamed, so you can catch Authtrail’s CEO Matjaž from anywhere in the world. Register for free virtual attendance at the conference and listen to his live talk here.

Polkadot Decoded, the Web3 melting pot

Polkadot is one of the greats of Web3. It’s a scalable platform that allows diverse blockchains to communicate with one another and thus transfer data and value without the need for trust in third parties.


Polkadot Decoded is the annual conference for the Polkadot community and as such the biggest Polkadot event of the year. Bringing together founders, industry leaders, startups, VCs, all the latest updates, use cases, and everything in between to celebrate the growth of a decentralized web.


With the program featuring all things Polkadot, the event will host more than 100 talks, live project demos, interactive workshops, and provide countless opportunities to learn about building on the Substrate protocol and the Polkadot network. Check out more about the event here.


There’s no better place to discover the latest developments in the ecosystem and mingle with the Web3 visionaries.

Let’s connect!

If you happen to be in Berlin between June 29 and 30 and want to learn why Authtrail is set to redefine the building on Web3, send us a DM or come say hi. We’d love to meet you and talk more Web3.


To stay up to date with Authtrail news, follow our Official Authtrail Twitter account and join Authtrail’s Telegram community.

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