Authtrail gains momentum in the media

During a very short period, our blockchain-based data integrity platform gained recognition among both enterprise users and the global Web3 communities.

It’s been an exciting and successful year for Authtrail. We’ve put countless hours into perfecting the product and spreading the word about it. And we‘re super thrilled that the global media space has acknowledged us as one of the most innovative as well as most anticipated projects in the ecosystem. 


Some of the biggest media outlets have summarized our mission in a very illustrative way and put our contribution to the blockchain realm into a new perspective.


Crypto Daily has published an insightful article about the blockchain world slowly but steadily influencing the technology we now know and use. The advantages of having no single point of failure with decentralization are numerous, especially when it comes to preventing potential data breaches and being in charge of how your data is shared with other entities.


Authtrail unlocks a new frontier by leveraging blockchain technology, bridging existing data with Web 3.0, thus taking data management to a whole new level. The platform has positioned itself as an on-chain data integrity service provider by supporting an end-to-end solution for data trust and traceability of transactions, effectively balancing user-friendliness and affordability.


In Coinspeaker, Authtrail was highlighted as one of the top 3 projects accelerating the shift to quicker Web3 adoption worldwide. According to various experts, the year 2022 promises to deliver even more blockchain-curious business dealings and a higher susceptibility to onramp blockchain-related projects to the old economy.


Besides empowering enterprises to prove that their product (or service) data is true, valid, and compliant with existing standards, the plug-and-play API removes all technical barriers while maintaining its fully agile and blockchain-agnostic features in terms of usability. Currently, Authtrail’s product suite is compatible with leading databases like Oracle, Microsoft, Shopify, SAP, Salesforce, and several others. announced Authtrail as one of the gadgets with a high potential for unlocking a wide range of financial opportunities and growth in a global manner:


[Authtrail] leverages the multichain capabilities of Polkadot and Kusama via its deployment on the Moonbeam Network, thus giving users access to faster transaction speed and extremely low costs.


Since the inception of Authtrail, we’ve been communicating our progress and important milestones to the public. Not only did it land us a loyal community on Telegram and Twitter, but our success didn’t go unnoticed with many angel investors and VCs – we have successfully raised $3.6 million in the Strategic round of funding which was featured on Cointelegraph and Yahoo Finance.


The article in Cointelegraph stated:

The strategic round of funding will set the pace for the following stages of business growth […]. Authtrail plans to invest in expanding the data integrity market through grants for visionary developers, startups, and entrepreneurs building new tools and solutions in Authtrail LaunchHub.


The Yahoo Finance article reads:

Reliable data is very important for enterprises in order to be more efficient, it can make them save money, as well as produce additional income. Authtrail aims to become a bridge between the real world and the digital world by using blockchain technology of data verification. This funding round is the first step for becoming a leader in data verification and integration of the blockchain space.



Authtrail is looking forward to continue growing and spreading the word about the immense potential the platform has – bringing the decentralized future to the enterprise doorstep to simplify their way of doing business and to guarantee transparency of company data.


For more information about the Authtrail platform and the future milestones of the project, view our Roadmap and join our live Telegram group to get the latest updates.


To find out more about the technology behind the product, check out our new webpage or read about it in our Whitepaper.





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