Authtrail CEO on Twitter Spaces by Moonbeam Network

In this episode of Multi-Chain Sessions by Moonbeam Network, we discussed Web3 adoption and why building on Polkadot and Moonbeam pays off.

On Thursday, March 17, 2022, Matjaž Sobočan, CEO and co-founder of Authtrail, joined Moonbeam’s vibrant Twitter community and talked about recent Authtrail’s endeavors and future plans.


Find out more in excerpts below or listen to the recording directly.



Moonbeam: What makes Authtrail unique? You mentioned what problems you’re solving for enterprises – I guess consequently those problems also cascade down to users as well, right? Everyone that’s actually using this data.


Matjaž Sobočan: Yeah, sure! The initial idea basically came from that – seeing that there’s a lot of discrepancies. A lot of misused data, a lot of ransomware attacks, human errors, and so on. All that makes data unverifiable and untrustworthy. And there had to be a solution or technology in place to make it easier in everyday life to verify data, right? So I mean, I’ve been in blockchain space since 2015, and I was always looking for a project or solution that could help people.


Moonbeam: Where do you see the potential of Polkadot and Moonbeam? We see this market unfolding and evolving into this permanently multi-chain environment. How do you predict that will play out in the years to come? What role will Authtrail play and in that evolution? I’d like to get your take on that.


Matjaž Sobočan: Well, I see Polkadot as the centerpiece of the web. I don’t know if you know the HBO series Silicon Valley. There’s a very nice description of it where Richard Hendricks is in the Congress and he says he’s going to build the Internet for the people by the people with the people. This is where I see your role – so it really is the decentralized web that we’re looking for where the new users have control over their data. They can share and they can have control over their own digital identity on the new web. So for us it was obvious to move onto Polkadot protocol.



Of course, there’s much more to it. To learn more about the role of Web3 in data integrity for real-life use cases and reasons why we chose to build on Moonbeam, check out the whole conversation.



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