Authtrail boosting authenticity of first-ever Planica NFTs

In this athlete-supporting NFT auction, Authtrail will add its share by protecting the authenticity of the digital artwork metadata.

Planica, the traditional Ski Jumping World Cup venue since 1999, has placed this tiny Alpine valley on the global map. Many world records and historic key turning points were set at this picturesque scene under the Ponce Mountains.


Broadcasted in more than 22 countries and visited by more than 70,000 live spectators on average each year, the finale of the Ski Jumping World Cup series in Planica gets the undivided attention of all winter sports enthusiasts, professionals, and amateurs in late March every year.


And this year, Planica embraces a new “first” – a freshly minted collection of Planica NFTs.


Where tradition, digital art, and winter sports collide

Rising to the challenge of connecting winter sports to the blockchain realm, NFT art represents a fantastic opportunity for collectors and NFT fans.


The Planica NFT collection is a series of hand-drawn portraits of more than 60 best ski jumpers in the world, hand-drawn by renowned illustrator Mitja Bokun and sold on the Iconomi platform.


Winter sports and the remarkable stories of the champions are a significant part of Slovenian national identity. And Authtrail is thrilled to help support the event where all the proceeds will be donated back to sports.



What’s an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a one-of-a-kind digital asset stored and tradeable on the blockchain. Being non-interchangeable, each NFT possesses a unique ID that distinguishes it from other NFTs and digital assets.


NFTs are the latest hot topic among digital collectors and investors. But too often, it’s hard to keep the digital property verified and trusted through metadata. While the blockchain ensures authenticity of an NFT as a whole, its elements can still be changed since their metadata is not stored on the blockchain. With Authtrail, verification of NFT metadata is easy, which increases the token’s legitimacy.


Authtrail NFT in Planica

At the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup Finals in Planica, Authtrail will introduce the first use case of NFTs with enhanced metadata integrity.


What does this mean in simple terms?


Authtrail will demonstrate how data integrity serves not only enterprises and large organizations but a wide range of use cases and end-users who appreciate a quality product (in this case, a digital artwork) and understand that a proven, reliable origin only adds to its value.


The NFT space will get an example of digital assets with metadata integrity – NFTs that go beyond an extraordinary artwork and serve as a reliable purchase with verified data and origin.


And, NFT collectors will have a chance to access limited-edition, data-verified digital artwork of their favorite athletes by Mitja Bokun, made specifically for the 2022 Ski Jumping World Cup Finals and with metadata securely inscribed on the blockchain by Authtrail.


All in all, it will be one for the books.


Go non-fungible in Planica

As Planica and the best ski jumpers in the world take off, so will the Authtrail x Planica NFT collection.


Join the crowd, cheer for your favorite athlete and create a lasting memory of the experience with limited-edition Planica NFTs secured by Authtrail. You can look through the whole collection and join the bidding here. Spread the word!


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