Authtrail announces expansion to a unified gateway to Polkadot’s technology stack

With the new platform, Authtrail is becoming a go-to place for developers looking to build Web3 projects with ease, using their existing know-how.

At Authtrail, we have been striving to spearhead the adoption of blockchain technology since day one. Web3 is the future of a decentralized economy and society, and Authtrail is still backing its philosophy. We believe that the Polkadot network will carry the weight of the Web3 rise by offering enhanced scalability and parachain interoperability, incomparable to the previous network systems.


However, there are a few limitations that keep developers from ditching the Web2 narrative and embracing Web3 creation. To boost adoption for the benefit of developers, enterprises and consumers, Authtrail has set off to develop easy-to-use toolkits gathered on a comprehensive unified platform to become the go-to source for Web3 builders and the main gateway to the Polkadot network.

Accept, adapt, upgrade

Authtrail was born from a genuine market need for a data integrity SaaS platform linking the old economy and its extensive data processing with the advantages of blockchain-based technologies. But Authtrail’s potential slowly grew into something bigger and more pronounced right in front of our eyes.


DIaaS (data integrity as a service) has been our core business model for over three years. Still, users wanted more help handling the overall migration to blockchain-based solutions and offering their users more value.


Besides harnessing the data integrity part, businesses demonstrated the need to enhance universal security, speed up transactions, decrease data storage costs, decentralize data ownership and improve the overall user experience.


The ever-present demand for a range of Web3 services beyond just the data integrity part got us thinking…

Polkadot is the future. Let‘s bring it to the masses.

No matter how outdated the infamous Web2 might be, its architectural landscape is remarkable. To power it all, there’s a crucial range of services that optimize the time and resources invested in building apps and upgrading business models. Managed service providers make building everything else easy and comprehensive.


By analyzing the vast Web2 underlying system, it’s obvious that it progressed slowly but steadily and enabled developers of all skillset levels to start building. And thanks to that advancement, Web2 went global.


The need to translate the managed services to Web3 terms and language is there – with huge untapped potential. The more plug-and-play tools and platforms are available for (future) Web3 developers, the more dapps and, consequently, more choices to cover the global market needs of enterprises and businesses will emerge. A good reason for legacy systems to migrate to Web3, right?

Now, imagine the numerous Polkadot parachains and the complexity of different protocols, specific set-ups, and unique rules combined when going solo to build on Web3 from scratch. Simply put, it’s a lot.


With developers in mind, we’ve built the Authtrail platform to offer an effective, intuitive, and flexible one-stop service to boost Web3 adoption in a developer-friendly way.

The APIs we developed for an easy-to-use data integrity platform of Authtrail 1.0 turned out to be the most effective way to connect Web3 services with real-life usability. So we decided to stick with it and give it a broader purpose – to create a more general and straightforward on-ramp to Web3 building.

By builders for builders: 10 x faster development

The Polkadot network allows for the simple creation of case-specific chains that can cross-communicate and perform well independently, but inherently, they work differently, are managed by separate development teams, and provide various functionalities.


Authtrail is designed to bring all those brilliant use cases under a unified umbrella, allowing developers to harness all the development power in one spot.

Authtrail: A complete Web3 toolbox 

With the new, enhanced Authtrail platform, we are paving an easier and quicker way to Web3 building processes. Serving as a layer on top of the Polkadot parachains, Authtrail will offer simple APIs for developers to overcome the knowledge and research gap when onboarding to Web3.


Building on Authtrail means less time spent doing basic research, more time to build, faster go-to-market timelines, and less crisis management. How would Authtrail work?

With its ever-expanding network of parachains, Polkadot presents an incredible potential to provide plug-and-play modules for an easier Web3 on-ramp.


On the Authtrail platform, functionalities and properties of each Polkadot parachain will be compressed and supplied in a form of APIs and SDKs. Besides using simple tools, users will also be able to monitor, review and document files, transactions, and other crucial data to ease future processes.

A new paradigm in Web3 building coming in 2023

At the moment of writing, the demo version of the new Authtrail platform is under development. In cooperation with the first parachains to be added to the platform, we are working hard to present the first working modules by the end of 2022.


Looking ahead, the forecast for 2023 is bright – our strategy is to onboard the first five major parachains, make their APIs ready to be mixed and matched for the optimal Web3 building, and gradually add new parachains after the initial release.

Launching your idea to Web3 made easy

The ambition is to encourage more and more developers to start building in the Polkadot ecosystem – first, Web2 developers inclined to expand their knowledge and upgrade computing skills for the future, but also Web3 builders who are looking for a simpler and less nerve-wracking building process.


By making Web3 easier to build on, the Authtrail platform will assist in the adoption of use-case-specific Polkadot parachains and bring the utility of Web3 to enterprises and end-users that would benefit from (at least partially) blockchain-based processes.


Web3 is here to stay. It’s up to everyone how they choose to be impacted by the revolution. We’re here to help everyone make the most of it.


Welcome to the next era of Authtrail.

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