Authtrail – A new era for data integrity

Join us on the journey of providing tangible benefits of blockchain technology to where they are needed on a daily basis.

Every year, the lack of data integrity, reliability, and authenticity costs global enterprises billions of dollars. They have a hard time ensuring their product and service data is reliable, valid, and compliant with standards.


For a decade now, blockchain technology has proven there is a way, independent of third-party authorities, to protect, seal and verify data records. However, its adoption on the enterprise level has lagged as potential users don’t know how to implement it but also worry about the high expense such technology could incur when handling their massive loads of data.


Authtrail was built to tackle this matter.

Designed as a SaaS platform and powered by blockchain technology, Authtrail provides contract-based integrity to enterprise data. The result is faster data processing, stronger trust in the brand’s offer, and a lower cost of data management.

No industry is immune to data integrity issues

The majority of the world’s largest industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, and finance, rely heavily on digitized data, its veracity, and usability.


By the end of 2026, the global data integration and integrity software market is expected to grow by over 17% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) to more than USD 20 billion.


At the same time, over a third of enterprises intend to invest heavily in adopting blockchain technology in the following years, as they believe it could optimize their operations, particularly in the context of data management.


While these projections are encouraging, today, too many companies still lack a competitive advantage. The main issues they face are:

  • Their data lacks integrity and reliable means of data verification, both in-house and for the end-user.
  • They lack resources and a competent in-house workforce to jump on the blockchain bandwagon easily.
  • Their massive data loads could overwhelm certain blockchain networks, which means it’d be hard to scale and grow in terms of quantity and speed of data verification.


While some data integrity solutions on the market already tackle some of these issues, Authtrail takes them all into account.


What enterprises get with Authtrail is a straightforward method to ensure data integrity leveraging blockchain technology, which doesn’t challenge the established work methods and is highly scalable in the context of data volume and price-performance ratio.


Bridging the gap between business and technology

Authtrail works as a link between enterprise data and blockchain. Easy onboarding and direct access to the latest technology means optimized performance with guaranteed data integrity at a lower price for every digitized business.


This way, they can go from raw, scattered data to enhanced trust across all stages in just four steps:

1 | Data aggregation

Relevant enterprise data is gathered from various internal databases and applications via the Authtrail API.

2 | Data hashing

The data gets hashed periodically and in batches to reduce costs and speed up transactions on the blockchain for greater scalability.

3 | Blockchain anchoring

Data hashes are anchored on blockchain to prevent unauthorized edits and enable trusted verification.

4 | Data verification

Users can then check the anchored data against records on the blockchain, track and trace its history or detect unreliable data.

The Authtrail Platform Beta leverages the high scalability and pluggability of Polkadot’s Moonbeam network. However, given Authtrail’s modular and blockchain-agnostic design, it can easily adapt to other blockchain networks, even private ones, to better respond to client demands

No theories, just a hands-on application

The blockchain ecosystem is thriving like never before. Still, in the flood of projects with attractive facades and pompous marketing, it’s hard to identify working products that address actual market demands.


To date, Authtrail has been successfully tested in a number of industries, and now we’re ready to scale and implement data integrity in other verticals.


The feedback we got from early adopters, such as EU-based Iskratel, part of S&T AG, a multinational technology group with over 6,000 employees across 30 countries, has been more than encouraging.


As we move towards higher adoption and build impact on the data integrity market, Authtrail has sparked enough interest among several big enterprises for them to sign letters of intent (LOI) to integrate it into their operations.



Far from selling ideas and theories, Authtrail is a market-ready product and proves to be one of the few tangible use cases of blockchain application at the global enterprise level.

Token made for utility and growth

The Authtrail token (AUT) is the platform’s native utility token.


Authtrail users will be able to use it to purchase credits for anchoring data on the blockchain. And as the platform evolves, it will provide additional utility features.


For every data anchor on the blockchain, one anchor credit will be used. Anchor credits can only be acquired by exchanging AUT tokens. The number of AUT tokens required to purchase an anchor credit depends on the market price of the AUT token in USD and the current price of one anchor credit in USD.




Thanks to a deflationary model, the value of AUT token rises with the platform’s adoption. The more users the platform has and the more tokens they use, the higher the token’s value.

The future looks bright

The current state of the platform is the result of years-long development, testing, and fine-tuning.


But for us, it’s far from over. In fact, the journey has only just begun.


Following the 2021-2023 roadmap, Authtrail is committed to growth on three fronts: business development, product/technological development, and the establishment of Authtrail LaunchHub.

Business-wise, Authtrail is focused on growing the local network of enterprise users to create momentum and leave a footprint in the data integrity space, followed by the expansion to the DACH region.


In the technology arena, the development of Authtrail solutions follows the global orientation of the data integrity market as we develop a wide range of support for different enterprise applications.


Lastly, to further boost the adoption of Authtrail data integrity solutions while incentivizing visionary developers, startups, and entrepreneurs, the Authtrail LaunchHub will provide grants to promote and financially support the development of enterprise-ready SDKs, clients, and plug-ins built for wider integration with Authtrail.


Of course, there’s much more to how the Authtrail platform works, its adjacent apps and tools, and how it addresses (and plans to address) the issue of data integrity at the enterprise level. You can find more in the Authtrail Whitepaper.

Enter the new era of data integrity

Join us on the journey of providing tangible benefits of blockchain technology to where they are needed on a daily basis.


Soon, we will start releasing more updates on the token sale across all its stages. Be the first to know about it and follow our social media channels (Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn) or stay in the loop with the product development on GitHub.


Upwards and onwards!

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