Authtrail 101 with CEO Matjaž Sobočan

In this series of Q&A, we walk you through the basics of Authtrail, how it works and how it brings Moonbeam network to global enterprises.

Data integrity can be a hard nut to define and an even tougher one to crack.


But not for the Authtrail team, as we took a hands-on approach to address an abstract yet extremely costly issue that enterprises worldwide face daily – the lack of trust in digitized data, hindering their growth and cutting short new business opportunities.


In this series of Q&A, Authtrail CEO Matjaž Sobočan walks you through the nuts and bolts of Authtrail, how it works and why it will run on the Moonbeam blockchain network.


You can also check all parts of the conversation on our YouTube channel.


What is Authtrail?

Authtrail is a SaaS offering that uses blockchain technology to add integrity to companies’ data.


Why does data integrity matter?

Today, companies heavily rely on data, as it helps them with decision-making, tracing product history, and complying with regulatory requirements.


And if this data is not reliable, trustworthy, it’s not much of a use.



So with Authtrail, we add integrity, secure it on a blockchain and make it traceable for all parties involved.


What do enterprises gain with Authtrail?

With Authtrail, companies gain a competitive advantage on three fronts.


The first one is getting higher quality data, equipped with integrity.


The second one is implementing blockchain technology into daily operations without any additional knowledge or sources needed.


And the third one is driving down costs extremely when it comes to writing this kind of data onto the blockchain.


Stronger trust in data just means stronger business. And with Authtrail, we help enterprises restore trust in their data.



How does Authtrail work?

In a nutshell, Authtrail is a bridge between business as usual, so operations and processes that are already in place in customer environments, and blockchain-based data management, which adds an additional security layer and traceability to enterprise data.


What kind of problems does Authtrail solve?

Imagine you’re a sales representative dealing with a customer who’s not sure about the provenance or the quality of your product.


You can go and talk to countless colleagues, write emails to different departments and finally send the customer some digital files to back your claims.


The problem with this approach is that, even though you think you’ve sent over the right documents, you can never be 100% sure that the shared data represents the original data and that it has never been manipulated. What’s more, sending data from internal systems can present a risk of a potential data breach.


This is where Authtrail comes into play.


How does Authtrail benefit enterprises?

The benefits are straightforward.


Customers can continue with their best practices while leveraging data integrity.


Authorized employees have the possibility to check the trustworthiness of data, regardless of the department it originated from.


Moreover, with simple link sharing, enterprises can allow their end-customers, suppliers, auditors, or other third parties to check the trustworthiness of the shared data.


Authtrail brings the whole data verification process down from hours or days to a couple of minutes and reduces the overall complexity for everyone involved.


How to learn more about Authtrail?

If you want to have a deeper understanding of how Authtrail works, feel free to check our website and read the whitepaper.


Moonbeam Network integration

We all know that blockchain has some incredible benefits when it comes to storing data. But it gets increasingly difficult and expensive to store it in the context of daily operations and data movements.


That’s why we went ahead and developed Authtrail to run on the Moonbeam Network.


This gives us the competitive advantage of providing an extremely fast and scalable service which is also cheaper compared to those running on other networks.


Why does Authtrail need a blockchain network?

Our core mission is to provide data integrity to enterprise users, and the best technology to do that is blockchain.


Once data is being written onto the blockchain, it cannot be changed, it cannot be deleted, and it cannot be tampered with in any other way.


What’s more, once data is written on the blockchain, you can trace it back to its original creation date and verify it against the records on the distributed ledger network.


What is Moonbeam?

Essentially, the Moonbeam network is a parachain on the Polkadot network. It is compatible with Ethereum but much more scalable, much more efficient.


That’s why, like Authtrail, hundreds of dapps have migrated their code from Ethereum to Moonbeam to take advantage of this technology and to offer a much better user experience to their user base.


Why did Authtrail decide to switch to Moonbeam?

When we created Authtrail, we were completely relying on the Ethereum network while still trying to remain blockchain-agnostic.


But with the increasing gas prices, we had to think of something new.


So Moonbeam was the answer. It brought the cost of our transactions down tens of thousands of times while increasing our performance significantly.


It also gave us the confidence that we are on the right track to offer exceptional services to our enterprise users.


What’s Authtrail’s place in the ecosystem?

Authtrail is already listed on PolkaProject among many other Polkadot-based projects. And we are thrilled to bring the benefits and perks of the Moonbeam network to our enterprise users.


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