A word from Authtrail CEO Matjaž Sobočan at Whitepaper release

Authtrail is about creating simpler solutions for complex problems in the realm of enterprise-grade data integrity.

Data has become one of the driving forces behind the global economy and is underpinning development in poorer countries. While data’s potential to improve societies is incredibly exciting, the sheer amount of information exchanged every day could overwhelm even big data’s most ardent advocates.


Today, estimates suggest that at least 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced daily. Digitized organizations and enterprises of all sizes add a massive share to the data pool. But too many still have a hard time relying on their own information, given its lack of quality, integrity, and reliability.


Only quality information can lead to good decision-making. With Authtrail, we want to capture as much enterprise data as possible and improve its value for all stakeholders.


Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed technology evolutions first-hand: the invention of the PC, the client-server, then the Internet, and recently the emergence of Software as a Service (SaaS). In every breakthrough, however, only a few notable products came out on top, propelling that technology wave and delivering tangible and much-needed solutions to the market.


I believe Authtrail is one of the few projects in the blockchain space that has the means to bridge the old economy with Web 3.0 and take data management to a whole new level. And that’s what keeps me excited about being a part of it.


Authtrail was not born yesterday. For years, the team has been devoted to building enterprise-ready solutions and has honed its expertise in the blockchain and data management fields.


Today, we’re ready for the next big step. Together with our partners – most notably the Moonbeam Network – we’re determined to solidify our position on the data integrity market and bring the best of blockchain technology to where it’s needed daily.


At Authtrail, we believe in creating simpler solutions for complex problems and delivering an outstanding experience for our customers. Join us in serving and supporting the culture of innovation for the benefit of everyone involved.

Matjaž Sobočan, Authtrail CEO


Read more about the project background, technology aspect, market potential, and roadmap in Authtrail Whitepaper.

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