A step-by-step guide to the Authtrail Community round

Get everything set and follow instructions to secure your participation and AUT token allocation in the upcoming Community round of funding.

Welcome to the only official guide on how to participate in the Authtrail Community round for early access to AUT tokens.


We’ll take you from onboarding to the Authtrail platform to making a contribution step-by-step. If you have any queries during the process that are not covered in this guide, please e-mail support@authtrail.com.



If you get stuck in any of the steps, contact support@authtrail.com. Please be advised that Authtrail does not offer live support at any time of the process (from KYC to the contribution phase) so complete the onboarding and KYC process ahead of time.


Join our official Telegram channel – we will be moderating the debate during the whole time, but it is merely a community channel and not an official troubleshooting channel for the Community round participation. Authtrail team of moderators will try their best to help you out if you encounter any issues.


Community round 101


  • Phase One – April 12, 2022: starting 2 PM UTC (3 timeslots)
    • Minimum contribution: 1,000 USD
    • Maximum contribution: 5,000 USD
  • Phase Two – April 14, 2022: starting 2 PM UTC (first-come-first-serve)
    • Minimum contribution: 1,000 USD
    • Maximum contribution: 50,000 USD

Price: 0,2 USDC/AUT

Vesting: 12-month vesting schedule, 3-month cliff, and equal vesting in months 4 – 12.


What you’ll need

  • ID verification in your Authtrail Community round platform profile.
  • A minimum of 1,000 USDC or USDT on your MetaMask account.
  • Enough ETH to cover gas fees.
  • Access to a desktop or a laptop computer.


If you are whitelisted to take part in the Authtrail Community round, congratulations!


As a whitelisted community member, you have received an e-mail to your whitelisted e-mail address containing a link that takes you directly to the Authtrail Community round platform. If you are whitelisted and did not get any e-mail invites for the sign-up, follow the steps below.


3 steps to contribute

From start to finish, you should complete three general steps:

  1. Sign up to the Authtrail Community round platform and connect your whitelisted e-mail to your MetaMask wallet account – the one you will use for the transaction.
  2. Perform a KYC which helps us follow Anti Money-Laundering regulations and serves s a stamp of legitimacy with regulators and banks.
  3. Contribute to the Authtrail Community round in Phase One and Phase Two.

Let’s begin.


1. Sign up to the Authtrail Community round platform

You’ll need:

  • MetaMask wallet extension in your browser
  • Sign-up invite in Authtrail e-mail (sent to your whitelisted e-mail address)


Step 0: Set up MetaMask browser extension

If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet yet, follow detailed instructions with clear how-to steps – check the official MetaMask guide or, if you prefer video instructions, the official MetaMask Youtube tutorial.


Step 1: Click the sign-up button in the e-mail

Check your inbox for an e-mail with some general information and a button that takes you to sign up to the platform. Click “Sign up”.


If you did not get any such e-mail to your whitelisted e-mail address, click this link and you will get redirected to the screen below. Enter your e-mail and click “Onboard with e-mail address“.



Step 2: Connect your MetaMask wallet

The button from the previous step takes you to the intro page of the Authtrail Community round platform.



Click “Connect with MetaMask wallet” to move to the next step, where you should read and agree to the Privacy Policy and consent to data processing. Click “Sign up“.




Next, the MetaMask extension opens in your browser. Choose the account you want to use for contributing – if you have multiple accounts in your MetaMask wallet, choose the right one (double check!). Once you connect the chosen account with your whitelisted e-mail address, you won’t be able to change it.





The platform then automatically takes you to the KYC process.



2. Verify your identity through KYC

You’ll need:

  • An ID document (ID card, passport, residence permit OR driver’s license).
  • A working camera on your computer.


Step 1: Validate your personal data

For this step, you need a valid document proving your identity and a working camera on your laptop or a desktop computer for the liveness check. Make sure you triple-check the data you fill in the fields – it must match the characters on your document (either ID, passport, residence permit, or driver’s license).




Next, read through the “Personal Data Processing” file carefully, mark that you agree to its contents, and click “Next”.



Step 2: Upload your ID photo

Continue the ID verification process by entering the country of origin (that matches your ID) and choosing your document type.




Depending on the document you chose, instructions will show how your photo should capture it. Make sure the document photo(s) are of good quality – when uploading, make sure all the data is clearly visible. It will make the process easier and faster.




Step 3: Pass the liveness check

Next up, take a selfie with your camera for a liveness check proving you are not a robot or a face printed on paper. Position yourself in front of a bright background so that the camera captures your face as smoothly as possible.



Once you pass all the steps, make a final review of the documents attached. Click “Next” to complete the KYC process and wait for an e-mail notification on the KYC result.



Step 4: Check your e-mail for KYC approval

Check your e-mail inbox for the result of your KYC check:
  • If verified successfully, you can proceed to your platform dashboard and check the timeslot assigned for your contribution,
  • If rejected, you can contact Authtrail support for assistance,
  • If asked for resubmission, you need to go through the KYC process again.


When you click the “Log in” button in your e-mail, you get redirected to the Authtrail Community round platform. Depending on your security and privacy settings, you might need to connect your MetaMask wallet one more time to log in successfully.


3. Contribute to Authtrail Community round

Before your appointed timeslot opens, your contribution dashboard looks like this.



As your time to contribute will be approaching, you will get notified by two e-mails: one 1 hour before, and the other exactly when your time slot opens.


At the time appointed for your contribution, your dashboard will show the “Contribute now” button as shown below.




To better understand the complete contribution process in the Authtrail Community round, watch the video guide below and follow along.



And after that?

A few days after your contribution to the Authtrail Community round, you will receive an e-mail with a SAFT agreement attached and further instructions.


The AUT token will be launched at the Token Generation Event (the date and place will be announced). Before the event, Authtrail will e-mail all the contributors with instructions on how to claim their AUT tokens.


Launching in 3, 2, …

The day we’ve all been waiting for is just around the corner. Mark your calendar, keep a close eye on your e-mail inbox, and get everything set before it gets real.


Follow us on our official channels and stay tuned for more updates.


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