3 reasons to have AUT token on your radar

The AUT token is designed to power functionalities of the Authtrail platform and boost enterprise adoption of blockchain technology.

Not all tokens were created equal. When supporting a project, however, it’s important to understand the potential of a token through its features and qualities, and the way it serves its purpose beyond marketing hype and buzz words.


Here are a few reasons why the AUT token is worthy of attention and how it provides value to both users and holders.

1| Utility token with a valuable purpose in the real economy

The AUT token is the Authtrail platform’s native utility token and is not a security token.


It is used on the platform as an asset of exchange for users when purchasing anchor credits. This means that every user of the Authtrail platform will inevitably use AUT tokens to execute data integrity functions.


Unlike some other coins, the AUT token was designed to provide value and usability in the real economy and everyday business operations. By supporting enterprise users in utilizing blockchain technology to add value to their data, it spurs the adoption of DLT in real life.


2| Paired with anchor credits

The anchor credits on the Authtrail platform fuel the functions of hashing (sealing) and anchoring (registering) data on the blockchain.


One anchor credit is needed to anchor data onto the blockchain network every time the data sealing process is initiated by the user.


Anchor credits can only be acquired by exchanging AUT tokens. The number of AUT tokens needed to purchase an anchor credit depends on the current market price of the AUT token in USD and the current price of one anchor credit in USD.


The AUT token thus powers the main functionality of the Authtrial platform and is the main exchange asset for Authtrail clients employing data integrity functions.


3| Deflationary by nature – the more it’s used, the higher its value

The AUT token is designed to support exponential growth of the Authtrail platform and the token’s value with each new user. How?


The total AUT token supply will be reduced by burning the AUT tokens that were already used by clients. At the same time, the circulating supply of AUT tokens will be reduced by locking the tokens during the client’s retention period.




This means that the more clients employ Authtrail and the more applications get integrated into the platform, the fewer AUT tokens remain available in the total and circulating supplies.


Simply put, the value of AUT token increases with use, following the deflationary token model.


Made for growth

Detached from theories and speculations, the AUT token is designed to power the hands-on functionalities of data integrity within the Authtrail platform. By bringing tangible benefits to enterprise users harnessing the potential of blockchain technology, it also increases in value and boosts adoption.


Learn more about AUT tokenomics and stay up-to-date with news and announcements in our Telegram group.

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