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Increase trust by sharing trusted data

Allow customers to verify your products and increase loyalty

Use case

Fighting counterfeit with transparent data

Counterfeit honey is a big problem. Honey manufacturers must protect their brands and market recognition by allowing consumers to verify the origin of honey.

Providing a certificate of origin is simply not enough.By connecting information about the origin, year and location of production, distribution channels, etc., honey producers gain trust and recognition and establish a new channel of communication with the end consumer.

Use case

Trust and transparency are key for reaching conscious consumers

Brands producing organic, bio and natural products rely on trust and quality to reach consumers who are willing to pay more.

Proofs of origin, ingredients, and production techniques are essential for establishing trust with the consumer. However, without an efficient and reliable system in place, it is easier said than done. Expensive marketing should not be the only way to attract conscious consumers and position quality products on the market.

Why Authtrail

Prevent counterfeit and boost trust

Link products to a digital footprint, allow customers to verify your products, and build a loyal customer base.

Use transparency to attract and retain customers

Present your production, supply and delivery data to increase trust in your brand and strengthen its market position.

Oversee processes and optimize performance

Gather relevant data and documentation, protect them against unauthorized edits and allow customers to check your products.

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