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Track & trace parts and products

Enable partners to verify parts, products, and compliance

Use case

A simple question taking hours of work

A client of a company that manufactures highly sophisticated mechanical products, sent a simple inquiry: “When using your products, we noticed an unusual smell, did the product change in any way since our last order?”

This simple inquiry triggered complex internal research which took three people one whole day browsing through piles of data and documentation across all departments before they could prove nothing has been changed. Sourcing unorganized data is extremely time-consuming but sending proof to the client without a system in place is even more difficult.

Use case

Industry suppliers under pressure and compliance risk

A tier 2 supplier to the automotive industry is under pressure. 70% of its turnover comes from three core clients that demand fast reaction to their inquiries, either preliminary or official complaints, or simply testing supplier’s ability to react.

The supplier must respond with an action plan and compliance proofs within hours. Failure to respond adequately or on time leads to penalties. Suppliers should be able to share relevant data and documentation instantly, and prove the company is reliable, transparent and compliant.

Why Authtrail

Increase productivity throughout the value chain

Organize your data and documentation on a single location and select the information to share with your partners.

Build more agile and interconnected supply chain

Prove you respect the safety and environmental standards and respond to demands fast by sharing trusted data.

Avoid penalties by ensuring regulatory compliance

Connect, secure, and timestamp information, so that partners can effortlessly search, view and verify your data and files.

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