One location for all data

With Authtrail Aggregate module you will centralize relevant data and documentation to one virtual location. An on-premise client, installed in your premises, connects to different data sources (e.g. ERP, CRM, SQL, DMS, MES, etc.) to gather data files, apps and databases.

“No process is changed and no data is copied or moved”

More on that in the Whitepaper.

There is no limitation to the type of data the client supports. Sales data, machine data, transaction data, drawing and document, it can be structured and unstructured type of data. It only needs to be in digital format. In order to give the data a context and descriptive meaning, metadata is added to data.


Scattered data, bad data quality, difficulty to search and locate information results in bad or late decision making, lower productivity and missed sales and partnership opportunities due to inconsistent and unsecured data.


All relevant product, sales, technical, marketing and other type of data and documentation in one virtual location ready to be accessed by the internal or external customer.

Make the most of your data