About us

We’re Authtrail, a group of individuals brought together by the mission to make data work for your business.

When data is trusted and used well, it shows on every level. It keeps you ahead of the competition, improves your productivity and helps you build strong partnerships. And we’re here to make it work.

We believe everyone should benefit from advanced technology, regardless of background and knowledge. That’s why we’ve packed it into a sleek and user-friendly solution that allows everyone on your team to use trusted data fast, efficiently and reliably.

Authtrail, a trusted data management company, was founded on innovation, advanced technologies, and rich industry experience. By bringing the perks of blockchain technology into practice, we’re redesigning the way data is managed and used so that you can make the most of it on every level of your business.

Because it’s not about the size or type of your data. It’s how you use it.

Let’s make data work for you