Unlock your business potential with trusted data

A complete picture of product data history builds your competitiveness and improves productivity.
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Why data matters

In the digital age, business growth relies on sharing trusted data and documentation that prove the reliability of your product. Hiding information is a strategy of the past.

Build trusted partnerships and provide a complete insight into production, compliance and order history. Respond to customers quickly, avoid penalties, ensure regulatory compliance, and fight counterfeit.


Gather data and documentation from multiple sources. Timestamp every entry and seal it on a timeline to present your product evolution.


Protect your data against unauthorized edits, prove its authenticity and demonstrate compliance to your customers or third-party auditors.


Share your selected data with clients to provide a clear insight into production, compliance and order history.

A complete big picture

Data analytics

Overview your data entries in charts and reposts based on the number of reads, writes, and checks.

Data drill

Browse data based on keys and values and find important or unusual events related to your product.

Data integrity

Verify authenticity of the listed data to prove compliance and avoid penalties for late declaration.

Like Google Maps for product data

Increased productivity and profits thanks to clear insight into product history.

Long-term trust and stronger partnerships backed by proven quality and compliance.

Lower risk of future incidents and provisioning charges thanks to preventive measures and higher responsibility.

Make data work for you.

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