Trust in data restored.

Authtrail is a SaaS platform that provides contract-based integrity to business data.

The value of blockchain at enterprise scale.


Why Authtrail?

Data manipulation and mismanagement are pain points for companies worldwide. While blockchain technology could solve these issues, organizations don’t know how to utilize it to their advantage.

Authtrail changes that.

Authtrail is a market-ready, fast, and simple data integrity platform powered by blockchain. It allows businesses to ensure data integrity with less hassle for everyone involved.

The result: better performance and higher trust at a lower cost.

How does it work?

Deployed on a cloud, Authtrail stores data and periodically anchors its fingerprints to the blockchain. This way, it ensures data integrity while increasing performance and decreasing transaction costs.

Easy integration

Instead of dealing with complex code, Authtrail is easily integrated and boasts an intuitive user interface that speeds up adoption.

High capacity

Unlike products that lack scalability due to high transaction costs, Authtrail can hash and store large amounts of data more affordably.

Passport-grade data identity

By anchoring data fingerprints on the blockchain, Authtrail provides a complete overview of enterprise or product data history.

Zero data risk

Dealing only with data hashing and anchoring, Authtrail never stores data on private servers, which means no GDPR issues or data leakage risks.


Authtrail dashboard

An all-in-one data integrity solution.

Working product examples

Authtrail has been successfully implemented in several industry verticals.


Ensuring product authenticity and provenance through verifiable product and production data.


Reducing the risk of complaints and penalties through accurate and reliable compliance data.


Improving production process in 5G-powered smart factory infrastructure with data traceability.

Market potential

Where there is enterprise data, there is the need for Authtrail.


Authtrail provides a thorough insight into compliance with data protection standards and legal demands at a lower cost of internal and external audits.


Authtrail provides advanced traceability and shareability of product data to prevent disputes and boost product life cycle (PCL) management.


Authtrail ensures high security and regular audit of sensitive electronic health record (EHR) data for optimal data management at a lower price tag.


Authrail enables easy sharing of product traceability and audit trail of production events and parameters for greater customer trust.


Authtrail has been tested and works successfully in the real economy. We are in the perfect spot to scale to global heights.

Our core team

Matjaž Sobočan
Chief Executive Officer

With over 15 years of experience in various senior positions at large enterprises, such as Fujitsu and Commvault, Matjaž has a deep understanding of data value. This, combined with his passion for blockchain and acute interest in distributed business models, will lead the Authtrail venture under his watch.

Tadej Vengust
Chief Technology Officer

Tadej is the Co-Founder and CTO of Authtrail, as well as the Head of blockchain development at Kalmia. Before, his invaluable technical knowledge and powerful code co-launched many projects, including 0xcert, Genobank, SwapMarket, and contributed to multiple open-source programs, mainly in the NFT, cryptography, and data management space.

Domen Uršič
Chief Marketing Officer

As a PR and marketing expert, Domen has been involved with blockchain projects since early 2016. His communications and marketing agency, Ventico, has supported global brands, such as Uber and European Commission. Before, Domen honed his PR and marketing skills with international companies and startups and by winning political campaigns.

Lenka Tušar
Content Marketing Manager
Patrik Kogoj
Product Marketing Specialist
David Rodman
Community Manager
Simon Šenk
Front-end Developer
Anže Mur
Full-stack Developer

Advisory board

Jure Soklič
Entrepreneur, VC, tech & crypto investor and board member
Klemen Peternel, PhD
Software and digital products entrepreneur, Kalmia CEO
Andrey Vyshlov
Angel VC investor, IT professional (HPE, Symantec, Commvault)
Luka Pušnik
CEO of Seltivity, Business & Sales strategy development specialist
Peter Zorin
Legal advisor with extensive know-how in M&A, Corporate, Commercial, IT/IP Licensing Law, and Regulatory Compliance