Trust in data restored

Authtrail is a bridge between the value of enterprise data and the power of blockchain technology. Powered by Moonbeam. Designed for growth.

What is authtrail?

Next-gen data integrity solution

Authtrail is a market-ready, fast and simple data integrity platform powered by blockchain.

It equips enterprises with data integrity easily and cost-effectively so they can improve performance and boost market reputation.

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How does it work

Made to solve enterprise challenges

Authtrail stores data in bundles and anchors its fingerprints to the blockchain network. Based on Moonbeam, it provides faster and cheaper transactions compared to other networks.

Easy integration

Instead of dealing with complex code, Authtrail is integrated easily and boasts intuitive user interface that speeds adoption.

High capacity

Unlike products that lack scalability due to high transaction costs, Authtrail hashes and stores large amounts of data cheaper.

Complete overview

By anchoring data fingerprints to the blockchain, Authtrail provides users with a complete overview of enterprise or product data history.

Maximum security

Dealing only with data hashing and anchoring, Authtrail never stores data on private servers, meaning no data leakage risks.

aut token

Token made for growth

Utility token

AUT token supports transactions (data hashing and anchoring) on the Authtrail platform and has a vital role in the functioning of the Authtrail ecosystem.

Deflationary model

The value of AUT token rises with platform adoption. The more users the Authtrail platform has and the more tokens they use, the higher the token value.

Mainstream adoption

By connecting enterprise users with the functionalities of distributed ledger technology, the AUT token boosts blockchain adoption in the global economy.

“Authtrail is a great example of using open Web3 technologies and Moonbeam Network to solve real-world problems in enterprise environments.”

Derek Yoo


Founder and CEO

industry adoption

Flagship projects

Authtrail has been implemented and works successfully in various industries.


Ensuring product authenticity and provenance through verifiable product and production data.


Reducing the risk of complaints and penalties through accurate and reliable compliance data.


Improving production process in 5G-powered smart factory infrastructure with data traceability.


Our trail to integrity

Building on years of R&D and business expansion, Authtrail is ready to scale to global heights.


Q1 – Q3

Platform development & deployment



API v0.8




Open-source data integrity verification tool (Verifier)



Open-source integration client



First customer deployments



Q1 – Q2

API v1.0 (enhanced scalability)



Closed Strategic funding round



Deployment on serverless infrastructure




Authtrail LaunchHub



AUT token listing on major exchanges



Production of Digital Product Passport (DPP) enabler




DACH market expansion



AI-driven integrity breach detection (Data Quality for DPP)



IoT devices integration SDK


Who we are

Meet the team

Authtrail is led by experienced professionals aiming to solidify the role of data integrity among the blockchain and enterprise communities.

Matjaž Sobočan

Chief Executive Officer

Tadej Vengust

Chief Technology Officer

Domen Uršič

Chief Marketing Officer

Lenka Tušar

Content Marketing Manager

Patrik Kogoj

Product Marketing Manager

Jure Sobočan

Lead Designer

David Rodman

Community Manager

Simon Šenk

Front-end Developer

Anže Mur

Full-stack Developer

Veronika Jelen


Anja Grad

HR and Finance Manager

Advisory board

Jure Soklič


Klemen Peternel

Kalmia CEO

Luka Pušnik

CEO of Seltivity

Peter Zorin

Legal advisor

Andrey Vyshlov

Angel VC investor


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